End of Days

endofdays.jpgIf I ever give a movie a classification of “End of Days” it is or closely resembles garbage. It gets this distinction because of this movie. The very first movie that I have ever asked for my money back.

I watched that hack piece of crap, all the way through. I though it can get better just given it a few more mintues… it an Arnold Schwarzenegger film. Yes his movie were on the decline but nobody would have thought he would have made this garbage. He actually survived fighting the Devil. How does a mortal man survive fight the frakkin Devil?

As the credit start to roll up I asked outloud “What was this shit?, How the hell do you survive fighting the devil! I want my money back!” and some other movie goers started laughing. I just could not believe this film . So I walked up to the ticket counter and asked for my money back. Because I had just wasted two hours of my life that I would never get back.

The guy at the counter calmly told me that if I hadn’t stay to the end credits I could have gotten my money back, but as I did there was nothing he could do. As I was stand there after this late show, a female employee sweeping started laughing. She said that I was first person she had ever seen ask for their money back and of all movies It was titled “End of Days”

I realized the joke of it and laugh too. The first movie I have ever asked for my money back is the “End of Days”. If I give a movie this classification it doesn’t neccassarily mean its a bad as “End of Days”. It just means its not worth the film it was printed on and is a waste of time.

There still isn’t a movie that I can just totally disreagard as garbage as ‘End of Days’ is either. It the title of this classification. Everyone has that movie you thought..”My GOD I have just wasted time in my life!” I not saying that all the movies I classify as “End of Day” are total waste. It’s a classification that strongly lend itself to that possiblity, though.


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