Snow White and the Huntsman

Friday, 14 September 12

Kristen Stewart
Chris Hemsworth
Charlize Theron
Sam Clafin
Sam Spruell
Ian McShane
Bob Hoskins
Ray Winston
Nick Frost
Eddie Marsan
Toby Jones
Johnny Harris
Brian Gleeson

PG13           132 min           2012

Snow White, imprisoned daughter of the late king, escapes just as the Magic Mirror declares her the source of the Evil Queen’s immortality. The Queen sends her men, led by a local huntsman to bring her back. But upon her capture, the huntsman finds he’s being played and turns against the Queens men, saving Snow White in the process. Meanwhile, Snow’s childhood friend, William, learns that she is alive and sets off to save her. Written by G.C. Bendixen

First it’s surreal that Thor and the Huntsman are played by the same guy who sacrificed himself on the USS Kelvin. He’s barely recognizable from the other two roles. I wasn’t too stressed about seeing this film until I found out that this was Bob Hoskin’s last film. Been a fan since Who Framed Roger Rabbit? [One of the first childhood movie that I watched as an adult and wondered: Is this really for kids?]

Snow White and the Huntsman on Blu-Ray is sensory overload. There is too much going on to grasp it in one sitting. Some of the imaginary I still don’t get. It may just come from my ignorance of the character. There’s no Disney’s Snow White to be found here.

The extended edition is advertised as ‘the version you couldn’t see in theatres.’ After watching it, I can’t tell what couldn’t be shouldn’t theatres unless scenes were blatantly cut for time reasons. Coming in just under two and half hours, I would have had to drive out of town to see this movie. Anything over two hours and my local theatre adds a ten minute break. If go to theatres to see a movie I want to SEE THE MOVIE, if I want breaks I’ll watch it at home.

I’ve never taken hallucinogens but whatever Snow White came into contact with seemed like a fun trip and she was no worse for wear. I’m a little ambivalent to miffed that the dwarves were relegated to secondary parts in this tale, not to mention they weren’t played by little people. But that aside the story was an interesting interpretation but I think I like Cameron Jace’s interpretation in Snow White Blood Red better.

Charlize Theron’s maniac crazy ‘evil’ stepmother perfect, unlike some calling it over the top, she was coming apart mentally at the seams. I imagine suckling the life essence from people will eventual rip your psyche. Kristen Stewart’s breathing from the mouth must have been aside an effect of that hallucinogen. Chris Hemsworth’s Hunstman and Sam Claflin’s William are perfect counterpoints to each other, two side of the same coin.

Although they left it open for a sequel, typical in today Hollywood, my imagination can’t conceive a plot to carry a second film. That’s the reason I feel I’m ignorant in the original Grimms’ take of Snow White.

I give Snow White and the Huntsman 3 out 5 Gs.


I Am Number Four

Saturday, 19 February 11

Alex Pettyfer
Timothy Olyphant
Teresa Palmer
Dianna Agron
Callan McAuliffe
Kevin Durand
Jake Abel

PG13           104min           2011

Based on the book of the same name by Pittacus Lore. I Am Number Four is about nine human looking aliens and their guardians hiding in plain sight being hunted by another race of alien that destroyed their home world. These nine can only be killed in order. The first three are dead. The protagonist is the fourth and he its his story.

As I’m a fan of the book, I really liked “I Am Number Four.” This adaptation did make changes but these changes were for the better and worked better for the visual medium of film. The visual effects are amazing. I have yet to be disappoint on of D.J. Caruso.

This film stay true to the core story of the book and even most of the action sequence of the book. Most of the change are cosmetic to make the action in the book work in the changes in the film. Some changes work probably made to save cost. But of all its a film that story the novel in this series and it works.

Most of this movie is setup work what happens at the end of the film. For the most part, the setup, is streamlined and fast paced. A lot of information about the characters that is in the book is left out but they do it all the broad stroke to make the character interest. The cast is unbelievable hot which does take from the film especially in the case of Sam.
It shouldn’t be any surprised that the special effects looked amazing. *Spoiler Alert* You truly believe that light is emitting John’s hand and that Six can disappear with ease. I am disappointed in the changes in Four and Six powers; they were better in the book.*Spoiler Alert*

I give ‘I Am Number Four’ 4 out of 5.


Tuesday, 10 February 09

blindnessJulianne Moore
Mark Ruffalo
Alice Braga
Yusuke Iseya
Yoshino Kimura
Don McKellar
Maury Chaykin
Mitchell Nye
Danny Glover
Gael Garica Bernal

R           121 min           2008

This unflinching story begins when a plague of blindness strikes and threatens all of humanity. One Woman (Moore) feigns the illness to share an uncertain fate in quarantine, where society is breaking down as fast as their crumbling surroundings. Based on Nobel-Prize-winning Jose Saramago’s novel – let Blindness lead you on a journey where the only thing more terrifying than being blind is being the only one who can see,

Blindness is bleak and for the main part depressing. It does should how quickly man becomes devoid of its humanity and it just doesn’t stop there. It shows how quickly in the face of hopelessness evil creeps in.
I watched this alone and it made me question a lot of things in my reality. Alone in my home it was only me and Moore that could see. As the wards started to loses its humanity I because justly awake of what is was feeling. She was a GOD among men trying to help and stay under the radar and keep her sanity under the horridness conditions her life was facing.

If you can watch it by yourself I would say do it by all means. I had a different reaction the second time I watched it with family. It made understand her plight and the reasons for her decisions. A lot of them I still would have made sooner

If give Blindness 4 out 5.


Friday, 21 November 08

twilightmovieKristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson
Cam Gigandet
Billy Burke
Ashley Greene
Nikki Reed
Jackson Rathbone
Kellan Lutz
Peter Facinelli
Elizabeth Reaser
Taylor Lautner

PG13           120min           2008

Based on the international bestseller by Stephanie Meyer’s Twilight is about a teenage girl moving to a small town in Washington and falling in love with a vampire.

A couple of years ago I came across this web site that named books that were being turned into movies. It had a description of the book and information on the film. Two of the films that happened to be on it were Jumper and Twilight. I read there description and thought they would be interesting reads and they have not disappointed.

This is a faithful adaptation of the book and is one giant shout-out to the fans of the book without leaving out the uninitiated. The angst and drama is all there. The changes made by Melissa Rosenberg and Catherine Hardwicke really make Twilight fresh and new for fans of the book. This going to be a global phenomenon.

There many little things that the fans will recognize from the book. Its these little details that will make fans of the series see it again. But it also a film that girlfriends will take their boyfriends and they can enjoy. There is more action and less of the introspective dialog from Bella that will make most men uncomfortable. Most who are new to the series will not be disappointed.

The angst and drama from the books is there. Pattinson plays Edwards as a younger version of Angel without the curse. Stewart plays Bella unabashed love for Edward rivaling Juliet’s love for Romeo. Just as in the book the movie romance scream for a sequel.

The changes made to the screen whether it was in the adaptation of the screenplay by Melissa Rosenberg or the ideas that Catherine Hardwicke made, Twilight is familiar but totally fresh unlike the first two Harry Potter that were almost direct adaptation from the book. It follows the overall plot of the book but makes changes to the story that makes it more accessible for live action. Being a fan and knowing the story I can wait for the next ones to come out.

If you have not be introduce to the Twilight Universe here are the books for purchase:

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

New Moon (The Twilight Saga, Book 2)

Eclipse (The Twilight Saga, Book 3)

Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, Book 4)

Trailers at the beginning of my screening was Knowing, Push, and 7 Pounds

I give Twilight 4 out of 5.

“Music With”

Tuesday, 8 April 08

musicwithin.jpgRon Livingston
Melissa George
Michael Sheen
Yul Vazquez
Rebecca DeMornay
Hector Elizondo

R           94min           2007

Ron Livingston delivers the performance of a lifetime in this acclaimed film based on the incredible true-life story of Richard Pimentel. Defeaned by a bomb blast in Vietnam, Richard returns home and discovers his life’s calling: helping others with disabilities, including his fellow veterans. Along with his best friend art (Michael Sheen), a wheelchair-bound rebel with a wicked wit, Richard fights for the rights of those whose voices can’t always be heard. – from the back cover

“Music Within”is amazing. To see the dramatization of the man behind the American Disabilities Act is truly inspiring. He changed American thinking and in many ways is the superhero that he always wanted to be. He made American a little more tolerant.

To see the cost of becoming a crusader of something bigger than himself is at many points a cautionary tale. That his personal destruction gave enrichment to millions of lives should be commended. Everyone should see this film. I am surprised that I did not see this in theaters.

With all the amazing performances in “Music Within”, I think Michael Sheen should be awarded for his. Playing an artist with cerebral palsy is moving every time he is on screen. In most of his screen time he steals the show from the other actors. If for nothing else you see this film for his performance.

It has an audio commentary with the director/producer Steven Sawalich, Writer Kelly Kennemer, and producer Brett Donowho. It also has the requite deleted scenes. There is a featurette about the music and a speech by Richard Pimentel. The movie previews are for “Lars and the real Girls”, “Juno”, “The Final Inquiry”, “Death at a Funeral”, and “Bonneville”.

I give it 5/5.

“I Am Legend”

Tuesday, 18 March 08

iamlegend.jpgWill Smith
Alice Braga
Dash Mihok
Charlie Tahan
Salli Richardson
Willow Smith

PG13           100min           2007

Somehow immune to an unstoppable, incurable virus, military virologist Robert Neville (Smith) is now the last human survivor in New York City and maybe the world. But he is not alone. Mutant plague victims lurk in the shadows… watching Neville’s every move… waiting for him to make a fatal mistake. Perhaps mankind’s last, best hope, Neville is driven by only one remaining mission: to find a antidote using his own immune blood. But he knows he is outnumbered… and quickly running out of time.

Many people find this film a little off putting and do not like it. The quiet and stillness throws people. This is a film about the human condition that a straight up drama. It provides thoughts in our minds that we would rather not have.

It shows just how fragile the mind is. “I Am Legend” shows that for all the magnificence of the mind its still need contact and interaction to function. After three years of isolation, Robert Neville is still brilliant yet lost without the mundane connection that we take for granted.

There are moments in the film that are comical not because they are meant to be but because of the absurdity of the situation. Out of his mind grasping for a semblance of normalcy he has developed some serious coping issues. His coping is something that could make people not like the film; yet it was one of the things that made this film so much better.

I have watched both versions of “I Am Legend”. I say buy the two disc special edition. The alternate ending is so much better than the original theatrical and falls more in line with the movie instead of the name of the film and the plot line in the book. The theatrical cheats the fans out of many major plot points of the film.

There are four animated comics on the disc. They are ‘Death as a Gift’, ‘Isolation’, ‘Sacrificing the few for the Many’, and ‘Shelter’. There are movie previews for “Lost Boys: The Tribe”, “The Dark Knight”, “Speed Racer”, “Appleseed ExMachina”, and “JLA: The New Frontier”.

I give it 4/5.

“The Seeker: The Dark is Rising”

Tuesday, 18 March 08

theseekerdarkisrising.jpgAlexander Ludwig
Christopher Eccleston
Frances Conroy
Ian McShane
Wendy Crewson
John Benjamin Hickey
Gregory Smith
James Cosmo
Jim Piddock
Drew Tyler Bell
Amelia Warner
Edmund Entin
Gary Entin
Emma Lockhart

PG           99min           2007

During Christmas break from school, a seemingly typical teenager discovers he’s anything but ordinary. As the seventh son of a seventh son, Will Staton is The Seeker – a chosen warrior destined to restore the delicate earthly balance between Light and Dark. Guided by ancient protectors of the Light, young Will must travel throught time to gather the hidden signs that hold the ultimate power to protect the world.

Based on the novel by Susan Cooper and publish nearly twenty years before J.K. Rowlings’ Harry Potter series; “The Seeker: The Dark is Rising” plays like an cheap imitation of that series. It’s Harry Potter meets Quantum Leap.

First off there is no cohesion to the story. He jumps from one badly dressed time period set to another. It has to many storylines running that do not payoff in the end. It left me as a viewer feeling cheated that I watched this film.

Having never read the book, the author was said to have been displeased at the way the film turned out. Many fans of the books were disappointed. From what I gathered it it was raped along the lines of how Eragon was raped by Hollywood. It Hollywood cannot be faithful to the material leave it alone.

I give it 2/5.