Tuesday, 7 July 09

pushChris Evans
Dakota Fanning
Camille Belle
Djimon Hounsou
Neil Jackson

PG13           111min           2009

A group of young American ex-pats with telekinetic and clairvoyant abilities are hiding from a clandestine U.S. government agency. They must utilize their different talents and band together for a final job enabling them to escape the agency forever.

There is nothing spectacular about this film that makes it stand out. It’s a good science fiction film, but it felt like it was the pilot to a television show or a setup to a better sequel.

This is a quick paced film from beginning to end. All the fat has been cut to the point of almost leaving it tasteless. I want more from the story and I want to see where the rest of the story is going. With most of the cast being second generation “talents” and references being made to the generation before, there’s more interesting story to this film that has not been told.

Push does a good job of grounding its science fiction to reality. The character have layers that where lightly pealed in this film. This does two things… leave the film open to sequel and allows the writer much more room to layer onto these characters.

What this film doesn’t do well is conclude the story. At the end of this film it still felt incomplete. This was either done intentional or poor writing. If intentional then I’m looking forward to a sequel; but with so much story untold it could easily be adapted to television.

I give Push 3 out of 5.


“The Unborn”

Tuesday, 7 July 09

unbornOdette Yustman
Gary Oldman
Meagan Good
Cam Gigandet
Idris Elba
Jane Alexander
Atticus Shaffer
James Remar
Carla Gugino

Unrated           87min           2009

Enter a world of unrelenting evil as terror finds a new form in The Unborn. In this shocking supernatural thriller, a young woman, Casey (Yustman), is plagued by chilling dreams and tortured by a demonic ghost that haunts her waking hours. Her only hope to break the debilitating paranormal curse is in an exorcism with spiritual advisor Sendak (Oldman). See what lies beyond the doorway of our world in this non-stop nightmare of the undead. – from the back cover

“The Unborn” blends the natural with the supernatural very well. I’m a believer in the others side from various experiences as a child. I don’t watch many horror films as a rule. “The Unborn” called out to me with an intriguing premise. Having seen the power of twins first hand, it gave me even more to be frighten of. Many people rule out the improbable as impossible.

I have never liked mirrors and having seen “Mirrors” which is the perfect setup to this film. Remember scary movie night…”Mirrors” and “The Unborn”. “The Unborn” had me jumping like a little girl. The cuts and the musical cues did a perfect job of setting the mood and eeriness of the situation.

I give “The Unborn” 4 out of 5.

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Friday, 26 June 09

Transformers (RotF)Shia LaBeouf
Megan Fox
Josh Duhamel
Tyrese Gibson
John Turturro
Ramon Rodriguez
Kevin White
Julie White
Isabel Lucas

PG13           150min           2009

Decepticon forces return to Earth on a mission to take Sam Witwicky prisoner, after the young hero learns the truth about the ancient origins of the Transformers. Joining the mission to protect humankind is Optimus Prime, who forms an alliance with international armies for a second epic battle. | – from imdb

If you were around during the heyday of Transformers then you know the story of ROTF. Most parts are taken from the original cartoon movie. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is modernized and simplified for the commercial marketing

“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” definitely does what a good sequel is supposed to. More robots, more hot bodies, and it moves the trilogy arc along. With over 20 different robots represented in the movie, it doubles the number and also most quadruple the screen time from the previous. Jessica Lucas comes to the screen bringing another hot body with a surprise. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen brings more story showing how our civilizations histories are intertwinned.

All those crying out that the twins are racists lighten the frak up. They are comic relief and fictional robots as much as I wish they were real. Its the absurdity of the characters that makes them funny.

Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen is what it is… a great summer movie. It’s directed by a director at the best of his game. Go, relax, buy some popcorn and soda, and enjoy one of this summer’s best film. Coming next week “Public Enemies” starring Johnny Depp, Christian Bale, in his second outing this summer, and Marion Cotillard.

I give Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 5 out of 5.

“Fired Up”

Tuesday, 9 June 09

firedupNicholas D’Agosto
Eric Christian Olsen
Sarah Roemer
Molly Sims
Danneel Harris
Adhir Kaylan
AnneLynne McCord
Philip Baker Hall
John Michael Higgins

Unrated         91min         2009

In this laugh-out-loud comedy, Ford High’s star football players Shawn Colfax and Nick Brady sheme to ditch football camp so they can spend the summer surrounded by beautiful girls… at cheer camp. The guys are having the time of their lives as they use their new reputations as “sensitive guys” to talk the hotties into skinny dipping, cheering naked and hooking up. But when Shawn falls for the gorgeous head cheerleader who’s suspicious of their motives, the players must change their game to prove Shawn’s intentions before the thrilling cheer competition finals. – back of box

“Fired Up” is the comedy of every male on the planet. The premise of this film is so simple. It makes them think: why didn’t I think of this. Once you start laughing you don’t ever stop until you see the menu again.

Every male on the planet can enjoy “Fired Up” but its a guilty pleasure. Filmmakers should have known from the start. You can take your girlfriend to this film and expect to get some later. That’s why it was a box office failure, but will be a home video classic. It’s a film that guys can get together, watch, and enjoy together sans women.

The premise is so simple but sexists to the max. That’s why they have not be done. But are an enjoy to watch. “Fired Up” does a great job of this. Horny males nabbing tale and lots of it. What makes this film works is that it knows its absurd and makes the jokes on themselves.

I give “Fired Up” 3 out of 5 Gs.

“One Week”

Wednesday, 3 June 09

oneweekJoshua Jackson
Liane Balaban
Fiona Reid
Chuck Shamata
Gordon Downie
Marc Strange
Gabriel Hogan
Jane Spidell
Emm Gryner
Campbell Scott

PG13         94min         2009

“One Week (2008)”, chronicles the motorcycle trip of Ben Tyler as he rides from Toronto to Tofino, British Columbia. Ben stops at landmarks that are both iconic and idiosyncratic on his quest to find meaning in his life.

This is an amazing film with many universal theme, great acting cinematography. It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival. I saw it on the Internet. This film unlike so many other films finding release should be released in theaters.

“One Week (2008)” is about a man searching for the meaning so many things in his life after finding out he has stage four cancer. Like any great narrative it hits on those major theme that we all face everyday in our lives. Is this the path I would have chosen for my life. Is this the woman I’m suppose to marry. Is this all that life has in store for me. Should I give up.

Joshua Jackson does a great job of helping us connect with his character. The does a lot with the pained moments of silence. He had the complete ranges of emotion working all through “One Week”. Those emotion were highlighted by Campbell Scott’s narration.

The major part of this film was a cinematography nod to Canada and its beauty. Scene after scene where land marks indicative of Canada. “One Week”“One Week (2008)” takes the audience on the same site seeing trip as the character Ben Tyler (Jackson) does.

But what makes “One Week (2008)” come together is the voice of Campbell Scott and the wonder soundtrack to this film. His voice is the quantifying voice of Tyler’s personal GOD relaying information and insight not readily upfront. The soundtrack counter points Campbell Scott voice with music that draws out the emotion to connect with each situation on film. Helping you take the journey of emotions needed to enjoy this film. It’s becoming harder to find gems of this calibur.

I give “One Week (2008)” 5 out 5 Gs.


Monday, 25 May 09

elsewhereAnna Kendrick
Paul Wesley
Tania Raymonde
Chuck Carter
Olivia Dawn York
Jeff Daniel Phillips
Shannon Holt
Kinna McInroe
Jon Gries

R           106min           2009

A teen girl (Raymonde) goes missing after a night of partying and only her friend (Kendrick) is concerned enough to look for her.

“Elsewhere” is not that bad. The actors played all their stereotypical parts. If you watched enough “Scary” movie you know who’s the kill but its still worth it to watch.

“Elsewhere” takes the metaphorical teenage desolation and turns it literal. The two leads are two version of the modern latchkey kids. Sarah has the stable home but her single mother is always away for work. Jillian has a mother on disability that only wants her around to pick up the slack in the bills. The both are alone fending for themselves in this world and they can only count on each other.

Its a good plot but I don’t think most teenagers are savvy enough to be detectives like this girl is. Some of the things that Sarah figures out a little too convenient. Most teenagers don’t know how the technology in the world works as long as it works. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t work in the confines of this movie.

The final revelation is worth watching this movie but it still leaves you wondering. I have two theories but I think one is more probable than the other. But still the kill was transparent the moment they walked on the screen. It was only a matter of it if it was one or two.

I give “Elsewhere” 3 out 5 Gs.

“Love N’ Dancing”

Monday, 25 May 09

lovendancingAmy Smart
Tom Malloy
Billy Zane
Nicola Royston
Carolina Rhea
Leila Arcieri
Rachel Dratch

PG13           90min           2009

When a bored-with-life English teacher meets a West Coast Swing champion dancer, they have an instant connection. Both feel that the other can fulfill what was missing in their lives. But Jessica’s got a workaholic fiancée who’s not a bad guy when he’s not on his Blackberry, and Jake’s got his former partner Corinne, who just won’t let Jake away from the dangling carrot of a rekindled relationship. Jake and Jessica must try to elude all obstacles, romantic or otherwise, to stay focused on the goal – winning the World Title and winning each other. Will they give in to the pressure or come out like champs? Written by lndguy

This is a great film that teens and adults can watch and appreciate together. This is the spirit of what independent films are about. Telling an interesting story without all the Hollywood drawbacks. Love N’ Dancing is entertaining but also had a message to it.

A nice change of pace for Amy Smart. This role complemented her where as the dancing progress either make-up or the dancing did bring out a glow in her. Bring out a natural sexiness to her. It one of the things that makes this film work her transformation.

Love N’ Dancing has an great message about fulfilling one’s potential despite a disability. It showed that you have the ability to overcome if you work for it. A great message for everyone out in the world.

Although it a romantic movie it doesn’t pigeon-hole itself as a “chick-flick”. If you have an appreciate for dance then you will like this film. It you like an obvious love story then it for you. Love N’ Dancing is a film you can enjoy with tweens and older.

I give Love N’ Dancing 3 out 5 Gs.