elsewhereAnna Kendrick
Paul Wesley
Tania Raymonde
Chuck Carter
Olivia Dawn York
Jeff Daniel Phillips
Shannon Holt
Kinna McInroe
Jon Gries

R           106min           2009

A teen girl (Raymonde) goes missing after a night of partying and only her friend (Kendrick) is concerned enough to look for her.

“Elsewhere” is not that bad. The actors played all their stereotypical parts. If you watched enough “Scary” movie you know who’s the kill but its still worth it to watch.

“Elsewhere” takes the metaphorical teenage desolation and turns it literal. The two leads are two version of the modern latchkey kids. Sarah has the stable home but her single mother is always away for work. Jillian has a mother on disability that only wants her around to pick up the slack in the bills. The both are alone fending for themselves in this world and they can only count on each other.

Its a good plot but I don’t think most teenagers are savvy enough to be detectives like this girl is. Some of the things that Sarah figures out a little too convenient. Most teenagers don’t know how the technology in the world works as long as it works. But that’s not to say that it doesn’t work in the confines of this movie.

The final revelation is worth watching this movie but it still leaves you wondering. I have two theories but I think one is more probable than the other. But still the kill was transparent the moment they walked on the screen. It was only a matter of it if it was one or two.

I give “Elsewhere” 3 out 5 Gs.


One Response to “Elsewhere”

  1. Avertedd says:

    По моему Вам нужно чаще отдыхать, очень уж Вы заработались.

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