“The Boarders”

NAFTA= North American Free Trade Agreement

Buried deep in this agreement there are provisions for the “mobility of persons”. It’s one of the worst crimes committed everyday around the world but leaders are more concerned about oil. The sex trade, I say sex trade because to call it underground sex trade, would imply that everyone doesn’t know about it and that’s just not the case. We hear about it in the news and its becoming popular topic in movies. It’s like there trying to make it an urban legend in pop culture.

We walk around, girls in particular, with no care in the world wanting to see the world, thinking it an oyster, when its a sess pool of sh8t. I have a sister and it would horrify me if it happen to her. Yet it happens everyday under the guises of different scams. Mostly girls lost and never found.

If, we care about this “urban legend” as much as we cared about “Saving the Music” it could probably save thousand of girls. But with anything illegal. Flesh is big business just as cocaine. That’s one of the factors of not legalizing the drug.

It would restrict handlers from controlling the “cargo”. Then what would they do. Supply and demand; everyone’s turning the cheek. Look at Natalee Holloway, their parents had her all over the news and its so big that Aruba had to sweep it under the rug, lest she destroy their tourist status.

Another thing, all these crimes are written off as something else. They claim those boy murdered her but yet they have not yet found a body. We are over in the Middle East. Knock down some doors to the “princes” heirlooms and see how many classified missing, lost, dead girls he has in them. Can a person be stolen goods?

It you haven’t figured out what I talking about watch: Spartan, Shuttle, Trade
, and Taken. They show just how fast a girls life can go horrible wrong in the spilt second of an eye. It also should be training manuals for anyone going leaving the country.


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