“Fast & Furious”

fastandfurious4Vin Diesel
Paul Walker
Jordana Brewster
Michelle Rodriguez
John Ortiz
Laz Alonso
Gal Gadot
Sung Kang

PG13           107min           2009

After 5 years circumstances bring FBI Agent Brian O’Connor and Dominic Toretto back together again. This time it’s to avenge lost friends and to bring down an international drug cartel.

This time around the original parts are better sync’d. This is the proper sequel to ”The Fast and the Furious” . Yes this has all the flash, or should I say flesh, as the others but this time is about the story and not about the cars. The stunts are ramped to the next level just as you expect but done uniquely that helps to reinvigorate the series.

“Fast & Furious” is the best in the series and it also is a fitting conclusion to it. It does a great job of telling a thrilling story but wraps up the original in a tight little bow. Anymore sequels would be repetitive. The series is back at the top of its game. The well is tapped, please don’t be out any stagnant water.

Take the action and characters from ”The Fast and the Furious”, ¾ the plot from “A Man Apart” and ¼ the plot of “Running Scared” and you have the film that is “Fast & Furious”.

I give “Fast & Furious” 4 out 5.


One Response to “Fast & Furious”

  1. I nominate Michelle Rodriguez for the most annoying actress ever award

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