blindnessJulianne Moore
Mark Ruffalo
Alice Braga
Yusuke Iseya
Yoshino Kimura
Don McKellar
Maury Chaykin
Mitchell Nye
Danny Glover
Gael Garica Bernal

R           121 min           2008

This unflinching story begins when a plague of blindness strikes and threatens all of humanity. One Woman (Moore) feigns the illness to share an uncertain fate in quarantine, where society is breaking down as fast as their crumbling surroundings. Based on Nobel-Prize-winning Jose Saramago’s novel – let Blindness lead you on a journey where the only thing more terrifying than being blind is being the only one who can see,

Blindness is bleak and for the main part depressing. It does should how quickly man becomes devoid of its humanity and it just doesn’t stop there. It shows how quickly in the face of hopelessness evil creeps in.
I watched this alone and it made me question a lot of things in my reality. Alone in my home it was only me and Moore that could see. As the wards started to loses its humanity I because justly awake of what is was feeling. She was a GOD among men trying to help and stay under the radar and keep her sanity under the horridness conditions her life was facing.

If you can watch it by yourself I would say do it by all means. I had a different reaction the second time I watched it with family. It made understand her plight and the reasons for her decisions. A lot of them I still would have made sooner

If give Blindness 4 out 5.


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