“Music With”

musicwithin.jpgRon Livingston
Melissa George
Michael Sheen
Yul Vazquez
Rebecca DeMornay
Hector Elizondo

R           94min           2007

Ron Livingston delivers the performance of a lifetime in this acclaimed film based on the incredible true-life story of Richard Pimentel. Defeaned by a bomb blast in Vietnam, Richard returns home and discovers his life’s calling: helping others with disabilities, including his fellow veterans. Along with his best friend art (Michael Sheen), a wheelchair-bound rebel with a wicked wit, Richard fights for the rights of those whose voices can’t always be heard. – from the back cover

“Music Within”is amazing. To see the dramatization of the man behind the American Disabilities Act is truly inspiring. He changed American thinking and in many ways is the superhero that he always wanted to be. He made American a little more tolerant.

To see the cost of becoming a crusader of something bigger than himself is at many points a cautionary tale. That his personal destruction gave enrichment to millions of lives should be commended. Everyone should see this film. I am surprised that I did not see this in theaters.

With all the amazing performances in “Music Within”, I think Michael Sheen should be awarded for his. Playing an artist with cerebral palsy is moving every time he is on screen. In most of his screen time he steals the show from the other actors. If for nothing else you see this film for his performance.

It has an audio commentary with the director/producer Steven Sawalich, Writer Kelly Kennemer, and producer Brett Donowho. It also has the requite deleted scenes. There is a featurette about the music and a speech by Richard Pimentel. The movie previews are for “Lars and the real Girls”, “Juno”, “The Final Inquiry”, “Death at a Funeral”, and “Bonneville”.

I give it 5/5.


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