conspiracy.jpgVal Kilmer
Gary Cole
Jennifer Esposito
Jay Jabronski
Greg Serano
Christopher Gehrman
Bob Rumnock
Stacey Marie Warden

R           90min           2007

After he’s wounded during combat in Iraq, MacPherson (Kilmer) reluctantly agrees to join a fellow at his Arizona ranch. But when MacPherson arrives, his friend has mysteriously disappeared andd no one will admit to knowing him. When he discovers that a corporate entity is running illegal aliens out of town by any means possible, MacPherson becomes determined to find out the truth and he will not be stopped until all of those who were involved have been punished.

This is essentially a poor man’s First Blood with a handicapped Rambo. “Conspiracy” is formulaic to the point of being just plain stupid. This is not one of Val Kilmer’s best and is just a pain to watch. If you are not a fan of Val Kilmer then stay away from this film.

The only reason I do not give it a “End of Days” is because Val Kilmer is a convincing handicapped former marine. There are scenes lifted directly from First Blood. I cannot believe some tried to pass this story off. I can even believe some gave funding and approved this film to be made.

“Conspiracy” is a cookie cut film. The hero is vanilla plain but because he has PTSD and was in Iraq that this gives him some kind of edge. The villain are all cartooned and boring. It follows every Hollywood cliché.

There are no special feature but many movie previews. There are movie previews for “Revolver”, “Pistol Whipped”, “Thunderheart”, “The Shield: Season 3”, “We Own the Night”, “Missionary Man”, “Southland Tales”, “Cleaner”, “Black Water”, “Damages: Season 1”, “April Fool’s Day”, “Bats: Human Harvest”, and “Rescue Me: Seasons 1-3”.

I give it 1/5.


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