“Gabriel (2007)”

gabriel.jpgAndy Whitfield
Dwaine Stevenson
Samantha Noble
Michael Piccirilli
Erika Heynatz
Harry Pavlidis
Kevin Copeland
Jack Campbell
Matt Hylton Todd
Brendan Clearkin
Goran D. Kleut
Valentino del Toro

R           114min           2007

Fallen angel Sammael has claimed the midworld in the name of darkness. With the help of his menacing, gun-toting task force, he has smothered the dark, dreary cotu in vice, violence and cruelty. Sammael’s victory is assured – until the arrival of Gabriel, the last of Heaven’s seven archangels. Gabriel is young, strong and the mightiest warrior seen since Michael, his predecessor, disappeared. In no time, Gabriel’s bravery and skill threaten to decimate Sammael’s evil henchmen and redeem Jade, the lost angel with the heart of gold. But Sammael has one last card to play, the secret of his own past, the knowledge of which could destroy Gabriel forever.

I felt that this is a good film. It was a different take on the tale of GOD verses the Devil, and angel verses demons. The main character is Gabriel the last of GOD’s Arc Angels sent in this seven years battle for souls.

This is a low budget film that uses every sense to make a great action film. The film does have rough patches but its worth the watch. The character development, of all the angels, before Gabriel, is intriguing working with in the confines of the story. With a little more money and a few rewrites this would have be a great film.

As it stands it relies on the viewer to know the basics about the Bible and Apocalypse. As I understand this film takes place after Doomsday and these are the people left after Judgment. I could be wrong and that is fine but where I’m right or wrong. This place is bleak when Gabriel “falls” to it.

The only problem I did have with the film is the ending. For me it was a bit confusing and it may have been explained in the special features if I had have had time to watch them all. It’s cloak of ambiguity leaves me wondering the possibilities of a sequel. It’s the fate of the character Jade and Gabriel that it has me questioning.

There are basic special features on this DVD. There are the standard deleted scenes. Then there are the three behind the scene featurette: Genesis, Battlefront, and Evolution. The movie previews for this film are “Southland Tales” and “Zombie Strippers”.

I give it 3/5.

Footnote, this is an Australian film and could not be found online for purchase.


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