“No Reservations”

noreservations.jpgCatherine Zeta-Jones
Aaron Eckhart
Abigail Breslin
Patricia Clarkson
Jenny Wade
Boe Balaban
Brian F. O’Byrne
Celia Weston
Stephanie Berry
Zoe Kravitz

PG           104min           2007

Want a perfectly prepared dish of tender quail in truffle sauce? Kate (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a workaholic, master chef, can do that. But don’t ask her what to do about the free-spirited, opera-loving sous chef (Aaron Eckhart) who joins the staff of her upscale Manhattan restaurant. Or what to do about the orphaned niece (Abigail Breslin), more partial to fish sticks that foie gras, who comes to live with her. – from the back cover

If you are a fan of Catherine Zeta-Jones, Aaron Eckhart , and/or Abigail Breslin then “No Reservations” is for you. Individual their performances work. But together Echart and Zeta-Jones have not chemistry. Breslin’s portray of the niece is like an adult in a child’s body. It’s like death gave her a sense of world knowledge.

It’s a standard romantic comedy. The only thing special about it is that it is focused around food. The dishes may distract you from the film. They make some wonderful recipes and on the featurette by the Food network, they show you the people behind these wonderfully looking dishes.

As for the plot “No Reservations” is just average. Jones and Eckhart barely have chemistry and if not for the cuteness of Abigail Breslin, the would have never gotten together in a million years. They seem to have a sexual attraction but it seemed to me that in the end, they were together for the niece’s betterment and not their own.

There were no special features to speak of. There was a featurette from the Food Network’s Unwrapped.

I give it 3/5.


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