“Martian Child”

martianchild.jpgJohn Cusack
Amanda Peet
Sophie Okonedo
Oliver Platt
Bobby Coleman
Joan Cusack
Anjelica Huston
Richard Schiff
Howard Hessman

PG           107min           2007

John Cusack stars as a lonely science-fiction writer who adopts a boy who claims to be from Mars. With the help of his quirky friend (Amanda Peet) and his sister (Joan Cusack), this new father discovers that being a parent means anything is possible. – from the back cover

This is a cute story based on the true-life actions on the adoption of the writer from the Star Trek episode Trouble with the Tribbles. It’s a nice emotional story and the viewer will instantly come to love this “kid from Mars”. John Cusack does a great job as a widower trying to adopt a child. Amanda Peet and Cusack have great screen chemistry and makes the screen light up with her bubbly present. The

“Martian Child” is a family film that everyone can love. It has a emotional love story that will resonant with any relationship but none more importantly as the father son relationship. It shows how powerful love can be.

John Cusack does a great job of balancing a man still grieving and a man trying to find a place to give his love. What is highlighted but never shown is that his wife died and before death, they discussed children. I thought it was admirable to want to adopted on his part and not until I wrote the previous sentence did it come to me why a widower would be at the bottom of the adoption totem poll.

Amanda Peet comes on screen and everything lights up. She displays chemistry with Cusack that developed during the feature “Identity”. Even as she comes and sometimes aides him the relationship in the movie progress at a “normal” pace. As it’s not the focus “Martian Child” leaves you wondering.

“Martian Child” has an outstanding supporting cast. Joan Cusack actually plays she sister in this film. Howard Hessman, Oliver Platt and Anjelica Huston make mostly cameos in the film. Bobby Coleman does a great job of being the quirky little Martian child.

There are a few special features. There are the deleted and alternate scenes. It has a film makers’ commentary. There is a featurette on the real Martian Child and the theatrical trailer. The movie previews are “Run Fatboy Run”, “The Last Mimzy”, “Gracie”, “Hairspray”, and “August Rush”.

I give it 4/5.


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