“Daddy Day Camp”

daddydaycamp.jpgCuba Gooding Jr.
Lochlyn Munro
Richard Gant
Tamala Jones
Paul Rae
Brian Doyle-Murphy
Joshua McLerran
Spencer Bridges

PG           89min           2007

Daddy Day Care pals Charlie and Phil are back in this hilarious, all-new adventure: Daddy Day Camp. When the dads expand their childcare magic to Camp Driftwood – serving up sports, crafts and teaching the kids a thing or two about nature, they discover the camp has everything it needs except a plan to put bullies of rival camp Canola to shame.

“Daddy Day Camp” is your standard sequel. It is inferior to the original film. Doesn’t star any of the original actors and the story felt tired and rehashed.

This film is does not have the magic of the original. It does not have the sincere fun likeability of the first. You can tell that this film was made to capitalize on the “Daddy Day Care” without the “Daddy Day Care” money. They should have left it alone.

Not taking anything away from Cuba Gooding, but this is one of the last movie franchises that Eddie Murphy did right. Having Cuba take his place for the second time is like making him the poor man’s Eddie Murphy. It is not a career path that he wants to go through. Yet, it a clear fact that is in this “Daddy Day Camp”.

This is a bare DVD. There is a making of featurette. The only other special feature is a ‘What I Did at Camp’ Interactive Quiz. There are movie previews for “Water Horse”, “The Final Season”, “The Prince and the Pauper”, “Storm Hawks”, “Are We Done Yet?”, “Daddy Day Care”, and “Surf’s Up”.

I give it 1/5.


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