sawiii.jpgTobin Bell
Shawnee Smith
Angus Macfadyen
Bahar Soomekh
Dina Meyer
Costas Mandylor
Mpho Koaho
Barry Flatman
Debra Lynn McCabe
Niamh Wilson
Lyriq Bent
Alan Van Sprang

Unrated           113min           2006

Along with his new apprentice Amanda (Shawnee Smith), the puppet-master behind the cruel, intricate games that have terrified a community and baffled police has once again eluded capture and vanished. While a city detectives scramble to locate him, Doctor Lynn Denlon (Bahar Soomekh) and Jeff Reinhart (Angus Macfadyen) are unaware that they are about to become the latest pawns on his vicious chessboard.

“Saw III – Director’s Cut” is not what it seems. It plays out as any other Saw with the gruesome traps that are demented and sick. Those contraptions border on the edge of sanity with the ingenuity of an engineer. This film shows just how smart Jigsaw is.

“SAW III” is the continuing saga of Jigsaw, his assistant Amanda, and their work. It is full of the trademark features of the SAW franchise, yet this is the third film, and they are still ingenious in design. They are also some of the most demented contraptions I have ever seen created.

I’m really glad that the creators of this films have this outlet. To think that they didn’t scares me because they are some of the most sick and twisted films on screen. “Saw III – Director’s Cut” means its another year that some does not go off the deep end.

It is a twisted tale that the audience is a fly on the wall for. The doctor is in and he’s seeing patients. When the end comes you, realize that Jigsaw is a complicated man, who trusts no one. I think that is his downfall through this film. He can never put your trust in an caged animal that is rabid.

It has the standard features found on the other DVDs. There are features highlighting the traps and props of Saw III. There is the diary by the director called “Darren’s Diary”. There are a few deleted scenes, theatrical trailer and teasers. There are movie previews for “Crank”, “Saw II”, “The Punisher: Extended Cut”, “The Invincible Ironman”, and “Hostel: Part II”

I give it 3/5.


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