“Sex and Breakfast”

sexandbreakfast.jpgMacaulay Culkin
Kuno Becker
Eliza Dushku
Alexis Dziena
Jaime Ray Newman
Tracie Thoms
Eric Lively
Joanna Miles

R           82min           2006

James (Macaulay Culkin) and Heather (Alexis Dziena) along with Ellis (Kuno Becker) and Renee (Eliza Dushku) are two twenty-something couples whose lives are intertwined as they experiment with group sex as a way to sort out the rudiments of a successful relationship – sex, love, and communication. After a series of mishaps fueled by jealously, confusion and insecurities, they soon find that true love and lasting relationships (at their core) are ultimately about more than sex and breakfast.

“Sex and Breakfast” is a film that I picked up because “you can never have too much… Faith.” I try not to let my preconception influence me but this film was a disappointment. It’s not “End of Days” bad but its not really worth the time to watch. There is not point to the film and the couples on screen are mismatch to begin with.

I expected so much more from this film based on the actors in the film. The acting was flat and seemed forced. All the actors seemed to be uncomfortable with the subject matter and were going through the motion. The entire film looked like it was a filmed dress rehearsal.

After its said and done “Sex and Breakfast” is a waste of time. There is not point to the story. The reason the characters do what they do makes no sense. For the most part half of each couple is doing it for inferred self-centered reasons. Leaving me question why these four people are couples anyway.

“Sex and Breakfast” is formulaic and predictable if you have watched enough films. The couples react to the situation in the predictable fashion, it leaves wondering why this film was made, and who thought these actors would make sense as couples. Although she does, a competent job Alexis Dziena looks to be about twelve and it kind of feels like Eric Lively and Macaulay Culkin were pedophiles.

There are no special features or behind the scene featurettes. It does have several movies either on the video shelf or coming to the video shelf from “Look Out Films”. The movie previews are for: “King of California”, “Smiley Faces”, “The Amateurs”, “Blonde and Blonder”, “Strays”, “Paris Je T’aime”, “Broken”, “The Contract”, “The Journey to the End of the Night”, “Big Nothing”, “Mr. Fix It”, “Relative Strangers”, “They and Girls Guide to Getting Down”.

I give it 1/5.


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