“Wedding Daze”

weddingdaze.jpgJason Biggs
Isla Fisher
Joe Pantoliano
Joanna Gleason
Edward Herrmann
Michael Weston
Mark Conseulos
Matt Malloy
Margo Martindale
Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Jay O. Sanders
Heather Goldenhersh
Audra Blaser

R           92min           2007

After a hilariously disastrous first engagement, the last thing in the world Anderson (American Pie’s Jason Biggs) needs is a new fiancée. So when, on a whim, he proposes to a vivacious stranger (Wedding Crasher’s Isla Fisher), there’s only one problem – she says yes! What follows is nothing short of outright insanity as there are disapproving parents; neurotic friends and an ill-advised prison break to deal with before the big day arrives – if it ever does! Make no mistake; this uproariously over-the-top comedy shows finally, why “love” is truly a four-letter word!

“Wedding Daze” is a train wreck of a film. The story is over the top and implausible. For the most part this film is just plain stupid.

This film is all over the place. The acting and the character are unbelievable. I can believe that you could ask someone in a restaurant to marry you and them saying yes; but it’s the rest of the film where it hit jumps the shark. The characters that make the parents are so strange that you wonder how these Biggs’ and Fishers’ character ever came out so normal.

“Wedding Daze” is a film that gives validity that Hollywood is creatively bankrupted. Every character in this film does out of character things for the sake of the film. A romantic comedy is about finding the funny in the situation; this film tried to hard to make you laugh. They failed miserably.

I feel sorry for all the actors in this film. It was as if they took it for the paycheck. So amazing character actors in parts so uncharacteristic. The only good thing I can say about the film is that Edward Herrmann’s character extra curricular activities was as shocking as his reveal in “The Lost Boys.”

“Wedding Daze” is a bare DVD. It only has deleted scenes and an alternate beginning. The only movie preview is for “The Comebacks”.

I give it 1/5.


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