“Surburban Girl”

suburbangirl.jpgSarah Michelle Gellar
Alec Baldwin
Maggie Grace
James Naughton
Chris Carmack
Vanessa Branch
Peter Scolari
Marian Seldes
Ebon Moss-Bachrach
Jill Eikenberry
Nate Cordday
Amad Jackson

PG13           97min           2007

Sarah Michelle Gellar stars in this funny and disarmingly wise romantic comedy based on stories from the best-selling book The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing. Moving from the suburbs to the glittering metropolis of New York City, Brett (Gellar) is a naïve associate book editor embarking on her first big job. Overwhelmed by the demands of her new position, she meets literary star Archie Knox (Alec Baldwin) and begins to gain confidence as he introduces her to a glamorous new world. Torn between her old boyfriend, career aspirations and romance, will Bret realize her dreams in the big city?

“Suburban Girl” is a film that I could never figure out if it was a story written by the author or was it autobiographical. It was a strange change to see SMG in this part. It a film that felt incomplete with the ending with characters that came in the film for not apparent reason.

It is a story in the life of this character. It would be more interesting if it was autobiographical but, as I do not know it comes off as ordinary. It lacks any direction and that could be that it only takes two of the stories from the six total stories in the complete book. It also felt like the film was rushed and not well thought out.

It was strange to see Sarah Michelle Gellar in “Suburban Girl”. It’s a part she was very competent at playing but it did not fit right for her. Maybe because she usually playing a strong willed characters that it does not work and in her career she has had a problem with audiences and romantic comedies. It was hard picturing her as the insecure, yet confident young woman in an May-December relationship.

Althoough “Suburban Girl” tells a complete story it felt unfinished. The film introduced characters that went nowhere and left me confusing why they were even in the film. The film only took two out of the six stories left a lot unexplained information in this film.

This is just an ordinary film that was dumped out to DVD when it should not have been made in the first place. “The Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing” is a best-selling novel. If they were going to do the complete novel then they should have made provision to continue the story. It may have made more sense with more of the story told to the audience.

This is almost a bare DVD. There is an audio commentary by the director Marc Klein. It only has a theatrical trailer for the film. The only movie previews are for “Undead or Alive” and “Fingerprints”.

I give it 2/5.


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