“He Was A Quiet Man”

hewasaquietman.jpgChristian Slater
Elisha Cuthbert
William H. Macy
Sascha Knopf
John Gulager
Jamison Jones

Unrated           95min           2007

Christian Slater delivers what critics are calling the performance of his career as Bob Maconel, a bullied office drone with hate in his heart, voices in his head, and a loaded gun in his desk drawer. When a bizarre twist turns him into an instant hero, Bob begins a tender relationship with a disabled co-worker (an equally powerful performance by Elisha Cuthbert) who asks Bob for the ultimate favor. Can two damaged souls ever learn to live again or is the brink of madness still just a shot away? – from the back cover

“He Was a Quiet Man”is a good film with an amazing performance by Christian Slater.
He has an outstanding supporting cast.

The hype on the DVD cover is warranted. Christian Slater gives the performance of his career. He becomes Bob Maconel. It is amazing how he transforms into this character. His performance is so subtle than I almost did not notice that he had asperger syndrome.

Not to be outdone, Slater is supported by William H. Macy and a great performance by Elisha Cuthbert.
William H. Macy could be credited with bring up the levels of Christian Slater and Elisha Cuthbert in“He Was a Quiet Man”. Cuthbert brought up her performance too. She is amazing in her performance a quadriplegic.

There is not many feature on “He Was a Quiet Man” DVD. There is a behind the scene first look. It has the deleted and alternate scenes. There is only one audio commentary with the writer and director Frank A. Cappello. There is a theatrical trailer of the film and a movie preview for “Spirial”.

I give it 3/5.


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