“Mr. Woodcock”

mrwoodcock.jpgBilly Bob Thornton
Seann William Scott
Susan Sarandon
Amy Poehler
Ethan Suplee
Melissa Sagemiller
Kurt Fuller
Melissa Leo
Bill Macy
Brent Briscoe
M.C. Gainey

PG13           80min           2007

As a chubby 7th grader, John Farley (Seann William Scott) and his friends were helpless against the most evil man on the planet – their P.E. teacher, Mr. Woodcock (Billy Bob Thornton).

Flash forward year’s later – John, now successful, thin and able to do a pull-up, returns to his hometown only to discover that Woodcock is still in his life… and dating his mom (Susan Sarandon)! John vows to do whatever it takes to stop their relationship, but Woodcock has plans of his own – and they don’t include losing. – from the back cover.

“Mr. Woodcock” is nowhere as funny as it thought itself to be. Actually, it is more ridiculous and pathetic than anything. Scott’s niche market is running a little thin. This was a waste of talent on the screen.

This is a story about an only child who can let go of his single mother. After leaving her to become successful he can get over the fact that his mother has found love after decades of being alone, with the man that tormented and motivated him to become the man he became. Everyone has a ‘Mr. Woodcock’ but that does mean we can not let bygone be bygone. It’s this simple fact at the heart of this film;Where the filmmakers are trying to make this funny instead of telling the story and finding the humor along the way.

This film becomes absurd and over the top very quickly. These two men do acts that even a child would reframe from doing. It makes this film so not funny. It does make you question why these actors even agreed to do “Mr. Woodcock”.

This is a DVD a little light on special features. There are the standard deleted and alternate scenes. There is making of featurette and a theatrical trailer. There is also a featurette on P.E. Trauma Tales. The movie previews are for: “Vince Vaughn’s Wild West Comedy Show”, “Be Kind Rewind”, “Harold and Kumar 2”, “Rush Hour 3”, “Full of It”, “Gracie”, “King Kong: A Fist Full of Quarters”.

I give it 2/5.


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