“Love Lies Bleeding”

loveliesbleeding.jpgBrian Geraghty
Jenna Dewan
Christian Slater
Jacob Vargas
Tara Summers
Craig Sheffer
James Madio

R           94min           2007

Money changes everything, at least that’s what Duke and Amber would like to believe – especially after Duke, a hapless Iraq War vet (Brian Geraghty – I Know Who Killed Me), stumbles onto a drug deal turned deadly and finds a duffel bag stuffed with dirty money. After stopping for a quickie wedding, Duke and Amber (Jenna Dewan – Take the Lead) hit the road to start the life they’ve always dreamed about. Thee dream quickly turns into a nightmare when Pollen (Christian Slater – Bobby), a corrupt DEA agent, comes to reclaim what he believes is rightfully his. The chase begins with non-stop, hair-raising action as Duke and Amber are forced to outwit the increasingly crazed Pollen – and fight for their very lives.

“Love Lies Bleeding” is an ok film. Jenna Dewan and Brian Geraghty embody that mid-western young couple. The story works except the ending.

Jenna Dewan and Brian Geraghty are the mid-western young couple. They are believable as a couple struggling to make the American dream come true. Finding the money, running off, and trying to make them true you root for them the entire way through. You hope they beat the odds and make it out alive.

It is true because of their performances, that is counterpoint to Christian Slater’s. They are the all-American young couple struggling and Slater’s the corrupt DEA agent that just can let go until he kills everyone involved. A good performance by Slater that is overshadowed by another film that also came out this same week “He was a Quiet Man”. If you are a fan of Christian Slater, it is a good companion film to this one.

This DVD is lean on special feature but full of movie previews. The only special feature is deleted scenes and an alternate ending, which I prefer to the one in the film. The movie preview is “Zombie Stripper”, “Dragon Wars: D-War”, “Boogeyman 2”, “The Nines”, “Gabriel”, “Black Water”, “Revolver”, “Already Dead”, “September Dawn”, “Southland Tales”, “I Know Who Killed Me”, “Donnie Brasco: Extended Cut”, “Taxi Driver: Limited Edition”, and “Slipstream”.

I give it 3/5.


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