“White Noise 2”

whitenoise2.jpgNathan Fillion
Katee Sackhoff
Craig Fairbrass
Adrian Holmes
Kendall Cross
Teryl Rothery
William MacDdonald

PG13           99min           2007

What would you do if you could tell who was about to die? Would you try to save innocent lives? After barely escaping a near-death experience, Abe Dale (Nathan Fillion, Serenity) discovers that he has been granted a mysterious ability. But using this dark gift means interfering with the natural order of life and death, a choice that comes with a heavy price.

“White Noise 2” the sequel to “White Noise”. I found that I like WN2 better. It was more about the consequences of ‘white noise’ instead of the phenomenon its self. The sequel is more about the story than the scare.

The first film never asked should he mess with the after life. The question is asked and given an answer. Nathan Fillion is a better fit for this film and is companioned better with Katee Sackhoff. It also leaves the film just as open as the first one. It also leaves on wondering where would they go to for another sequel.

“White Noise 2” has the standard array of special features. There are deleted scenes. There is a featurette exploring near death experiences and a behind the scenes making of. The movie previews are “American Pie Presents Beta House”, “The Strangers”, “Battlestar Galactica: Razor”, “Bring It On: In It to Win It”.

I give it 3/5.


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