“The Killing Floor”

killingfloor.jpgMarc Blucas
Shiri Appleby
Reiko Aylesworth
Jeffrey Carlson
Derek Cecil
John Bedford Lloyd

R           98min           2006

Horror novel agent David Lamont (Marc Blucas) moves into a lavish penthouse apartment to celebrate his new found success. But as he settles in, mysterious events begin to happen. Violent and bloody crime scene photos taken in his apartment show up at the front door, videotapes of him sleeping arrive in his mail and the strange sensation that he is being followed haunts his every step. He is no longer able to work or sleep; yet, he refuses to move out. Obsessed with tracking down his stalker, David unravels, falling prey to a deadly game. The only question that remains is: How far will he go to end this real life horror story! — from back cover

“The Killing Floor” is one of those film that you watch only if you’re a fan of one of the actors. You see the ending from the very beginning. It is truly one of the most transparent film.

The villain exploits the main character flaws from the very beginning and he could see because of his convenient flaws. The last five minutes of the film are the best. Everything that you know about the character is revealed to him. Showing to what the audience already knows that he desires what he got.

There are no special feature just movie previews. The movie previews for this film are “Into the Shadow of the Moon”, “Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead”, “Poor Boy’s Game”, “Bordertown”, and “Deceit”.

I give it 2/5.


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