“Boogeyman 2”

boogeyman2.jpgDanielle Sauvre
Matt Cohen
David Gallagher
Mae Whitman
Renée O’Connor
Tobin Bell
Michael Grazidei
Lesi Margherita
Johnny Simmons

Unrated           98min           2007

Terror invades an isolated asylum when Laura, haunted by a paralyzing fear of the Boogeyman, becomes one of many patients who are prisoners to their phobias. But what appears to be a safe haven soon becomes an asylum of the damned when the Boogeyman returns, trapping them all inside and beginning his hunt for new victims. – from back cover

“Boogeyman 2” has another “7th Heaven” connection: “Is this going to be a defining trend for the franchise?” This time around the Boogeyman is confided to one location. The filmmakers did a nice nod to the first film that intergraded the second movie to the first. This time the body count is higher and more elaborated.

The heroine of the story is successful in surviving this time around, but her future is more ominous that the first. You care for her character more. I would like to see where the surviving characters go from here.

“Boogeyman 2” plays on your emotional and practical fears. I can say that I agree with the direction they took with the Boogeyman but I do like how they reveal the direction changing the whole feel of the film.

There are just the standard special features. There are two audio commentaries on with the writer and director and the other with Danielle Savre, Tobin Bell and producers. There is a makeup featurette and a trailer for “Boogeyman 2”. The movie previews are for “Resident Evil: Extinction”,“Dragon Wars: D-Wars”, “Zombie Strippers”, “Black Water”, “Gabriel”, “Southland Tales”, “Rise: Blood Hunter”, “Fearnet.com”.

I give it 2/5.


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