“Death Sentence”

deathsentence.jpgKevin Bacon
Garrett Hedlund
Kelly Preston
Aisha Tyler
John Goodman
Jordan Garrett
Stuart Lafferty
Edi Gathegi
Matthew O’Leary
Leigh Whamnell
Hector Atreyu Ruiz

Unrated           111min           2007

Nick Hume (Kevin Bacon) is a mild-mannered executive with a loving family and a perfect life, until one gruesome night when his teenage son is senselessly murdered during a gas station holdup. Transformed by grief and not satisfied with courtroom justice, Nick takes the law into his own hands – and wages an all-out war against a gang of vicious street thugs. Directed by James Wan (Saw), Death Sentence is a gripping revenge thriller loaded with in-your-face action, bone-snapping violence and nail-biting suspense! – from back cover

“Death Sentence” is a startling reminder of why Kevin Bacon is a culture icon. It has a plot similar to another film called “The Brave One”. James Wan does a great job of balancing the story with the action of the film.

Kevin Bacon is awesome in this film. He places a man that is changed by the choices of his action and is nearly destroyed because of them. This is another film where he gives 110 percent to his craft. He becomes Nick Hume and makes you believe in the character and his choices.

Having a similar plot to another film that came out recently, James Wan makes“Death Sentence” distinctive with his camera cuts and longs shots. There a featurette talking about the scene in the parking garage. I the filmmakers said it this shot did not work the film would not have worked. In this scene the terror, pain, and survival instincts of this everyday man comes through. Showing the audience that he is just truly human.

There are two Fox Movie Channel featurettes one is ‘Making a Scene’ and the other is ‘Life after Film School with Kevin Bacon’. There are also behind the scene webisodes. The movie previews are “Hitman”, “Lake Placid 2”, “The Comebacks”, “Live Free or Die Hard”, “Sunshine”, “Joshua”, and “Cover”.

I give it 4/5.


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