“Epic Movie”

epicmovie.jpgKal Penn
Adam Campbell
Jennifer Collidge
Jayma Mays
Faune Chambers
Crispin Glovers
Tony Cox
Hector Jimenez
Darrell Hammond
Carmen Electra
Jim Piddock
Fred Willard

Unrated           93min           2007

From two of the six writers of “Scary Movie” comes a spoof on epic movies.

“Epic Movie” must have had the same two of six writers of “Scary Movie”. These guys should give up while they are ahead. They are diluting the spoof genre. This movie is even more of a mess than “Date Movie”. They take so many elements from so many movies that after a while it becomes a confusing mess.

It’s like they wrote this film on the fly. They told one film plot and then just started throwing in film after film on top of it. If you shovel enough crap on funny, you end up with a pile of crap. It tries too hard to be funny and comes off as boring.

The spectrum of the films that “Epic Movie” hits on is just that epic; they are taking elements from the X-Men, Pirates of the Caribbean, Chronicles of Narnia, and Willy Wonka. One minutes its one film then it goes off into a tangent of another film coming back to the original and not making it worth the audiences’ time. This is not a pretty picture. It has too many different movies to make it funny.

The writers even address this fact in the movie. This one is way over the top, too tongue in cheek; they pushed the button a little too far with this one. It’s getting to the point that the ‘two of the six’ writers of “Scary Movie” are crying out somebody please help me. Please let the genre rest its beginning to get like the horror films of the eighties.

“Epic Movie” is full of many special features. There is an audio commentary with the writers and directors, a breaking wind commentary. There are several featurettes. There is also a music video for “Lazy Pirate”, outtakes, and alternate endings. The are movie previews for “My Super Ex-Girlfriend”, “Date Movie”, and “Reno 911: Miami”.

I give it 1/5 Gs.


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