“Date Movie”

datemovie.jpgAlyson Hannigan
Adam Campbell
Jennifer Coolidge
Tony Cox
Lil Jon
Carmen Electra
Sophie Monk
Marie Matiko
Judah Friedlander
Josh Meyers
Fred Willard
Eddie Griffin

Unrated           85min           2006

From two of the six writers of Scary Movie comes a spoof on romantic comedies.

“Date Movie” has it moments but with so many spoofs coming out so rapidly the spoofing genre is a little worn out. Alyson Hannigan does a great job with the overly tongue in cheek script. It does hit on many of the classic moments from romantic movies.

“Date Movie” has it definite funny moments but its trying too hard to be funny. The two of the six writer of “Scary Movie” should stop and take an inventory. They took many classic moments and clashed them together trying to make the funny. So did and others did not; I think at this point they are just writing anything that is funny to them and filming it.

Alyson Hannigan is by far the standout in this crowd followed by Eddie Griffin. She has a handle on any comedy and work well with in the genre. Eddie Griffin is a mesh of several characters that do not fit together but he makes them work with his comedic style. I would like to see straighter comedic performances from him.

It does its job to bastardize several classic moments in romantic film history. Some worked for the comedic turn, others did not, and so should have been left alone. They tried to hit you with every moment at once. Two of the six writers should add a third to balance them out.

“Date Movie” is full of special features. There are several commentaries. There are many featurettes and the standard deleted and extended scenes. There movie previews for “Grandma’s Boy”, “The Omen”, “Trust the Man”, and “Thank You for Smoking”.

I give 1/5 Gs.


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