“Rush Hour 3”

rushhour3.jpgChris Tucker
Jackie Chan
Hiroyuki Sanada
Youki Kudoh
Yvan Attal
Noemie Lenoir
Zhang Jinechu
Tzi Ma
Dana Ivey
Henry O.
Max von Sydow

PG13           90min           2007

When the Chinese criminal masterminds flees to Paris, there’s only one culture-clashed, crime-fighting duo for the job. Ready to raise hell in the city of lights, Chief Inspector Lee (Chan) and Detective Carter (Tucker) instead get caught in an explosive battle between the French police, the Triad gang and two gorgeous femmes fatales! With everybody kung fu fighting to the top of the Eiffel Tower, this one-two punch of hilarious action doesn’t let up until the final heart-stopping au revoir!.

“Rush Hour 3” is an Rush Hour one to many. It’s the same exact formula found in the second film and its no funnier. This time around, it was just an lazy attempt at squeezing out the last bit of money out of a series past its prime. The filmmakers and actors were laugh at how funny this film was going to be… it must have been an inside joke of how much money they were going to take from an unsuspecting movie audience.

They should have known that it could have been that funny… they took it to Paris. The Pink Panther went to Paris and look how bad that turned out. This should be an indication that Ratner, Tucker and Chan should not ‘rush the hour’ again. PLEASE.

I give 2/5 Gs.


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