camjackers.jpgPhoenix Orion
Cody Lucich
Olinda Fonseca
Shante Reese
Myka 9
Tao Ruspoli
Jeremy Eels
Olivia Wilde
Megalyn Echikunwoke
Eliza Minor
Rashawn Robinson

Unrated           80min           2006

” It’s cool man. We’ve got black friends…” Two rich, clueless film school grads (“the Filmfakers”) are shooting a modernized “ghetto” interpretation of an ancient Greek play on the mean streets of Los Angeles. Their equipment is “borrowed” by three street youths (“the Camjackers”), who shoot a compelling documentary on underground hip hop. The Filmfakers rip off the Camjackers’ film and rise to fame and fortune. The Camjackers see their stolen work on TV and seek revenge. – from imdb

“Camjackers” is a great film in concept but left more to be desired in execution. The underground L.A. hip-hop documentary worked, but the pretentious filmmakers did not. Between the two story I think what was important got lost. It came off more as an offbeat artistic comedy and maybe that is what they were going for in the end.

The artist that were feature were vastly different bring their own opinions of what hip-hop is and how it has shaped the future. The featured artist showed a broad range of talented people giving amazing verses; giving the viewer a glimpse into a world rarely scene to the out side world. A scene that to this day has been influential in the music scene and still under appreciated.

The second half of the pretentious filmmakers distracted me from rest of the feature. Watching the special features, I understand what they were trying to do. I felt it did work for this film. I would have rather seen more from the underground scene.

The “Camjackers” special features included a making of featurette, interviews, and a director’s commentary. It also features music excerpts from the film, a slide show of behind the scene pictures, a trailer for the film and a short film “Falling”. The other feature is a movie preview for “Rain in the Mountain”.

I give 2/5 Gs.


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