“The Simpsons Movie”

simpsonmovie.jpgDan Castellaneta
Julie Kavner
Nancy Cartwright
Yeardley Smith
Hank Azaria
Harry Shearer
Pamela Hayden
Tress MacNeille
Albert Brooks
Karl Wiedergoit
Marcia Wallace

PG13           87min           2007

Thanks to Lisa Simpson, Lake Springfield is cleaned up from the pollution that once fouled it. But when Homer, who’s adopted a pig (Spider-pig) and dumps a silo full of the pig’s crap in the lake, the EPA
places a large dome over Springfield, and the Simpsons family manage to escape through a sinkhole. The family flees to a better life in Alaska, but when the head of the EPA, Russ Cargill, orders the towns destruction, it’s up to Homer to save Springfield!

Essentially, “The Simpsons Movie” is and extended episode of the Simpsons. There really is not anything special about this movie and Homer said it best at the beginning of the film. “You are all sucker for paying for something that you can get for free”.

Homer misses up. Marge for gives him. Bart does what Bart does. Lisa is trying to save the town. Maggie is sucking on her pacifier. The same thing they have done for eighteen years.

Not being a fan “The Simpsons Movie” was just another Simpson episode that was thirty minutes too long and $5.00 too much. In addition, I thought there was nothing special about and agreed with Homer Simpson, DOH. But for the millions of fans out there I would like to know what made it worth paying for it.

The DVD has a cast commentary with James L. Brooks. There is a director’s commentary and deleted scenes. It also has skits with Homer on the Tonight Show, Homer introducing American Idol, and Let’s Go to the Movies. It features a bunch of trailers for the movie and preview trailer for “Alvin and the Chipmunks” and “Futurama”.

I give it 3/5


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