“Waist Deep”

waistdeep.jpgTyrese Gibson
Meagan Good
Larenz Tate
The Game
Henry Hunter Hall
Kimora Lee

R           97min           2007

Locked and loaded with action Waist Deep is an explosive thrill ride featuring Tyrese Gibson as O2, an ex-con who’s trying to go straight. His life takes a deadly turn when his son is kidnapped in a carjacking and held for ransom by a ruthless drug lord (The Game). With a street-smart hustler (Meagan Good) as his partner and his shady cousin (Larenz Tate) along for the ride, O2 races through the violent streets of Los Angeles in a desperate attempt to outsmart rival gangs and save his son.

“Waist Deep” is the urban Bonnie and Clyde film. It has solid drama that is wrapped in the action film. It works because of the clichéd action portray: root for the good guy and hate the bad guy. The ending is a little too sentimental cause a let down.

The drama and conflict are all clichéd film that has been wrapped in an urban drama. It works though because the wrapping is fresh to Hollywood. The things it has going for it is that it tried to stay closer to reality.

At the heart of this “Waist Deep”
is a straight out action film. Guns are blazing about forty percent of this film. O2 for the most part is playing a poor man’s Batman. He is out trying to find the bad guys, sending out agents to find information for him, and in the end, he bring the bad guys to justice. This is all the while evading the officers of the law.

What truly hurt this film though is the ending. Anything would have been better that what it ended with. It is too sentimental for the action that we have just seen. It was also overly dramatic. It could have been better crafted.

“Waist Deep” has deleted scenes. There is a featurette on an analysis of a scene and drive-by filmmaking. There is a music video “Bad Girls” by Black Buddafly featuring Fabulous. There are movie previews for “Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”, “Slither”, “Scarface: Platinum Edition”, and “Jet Li’s Fearless”

I give 3/5 Gs.


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