waitress.jpgKeri Russell
Nathan Fillion
Cheryl Hines
Adrienne Shelly
Eddie Jemison
Lew Temple
Jeremy Sisto
Andy Griffith

PG13           108min           2007

Jenna, a small-town waitress with big dreams, has an uncanny gift for baking out-of-this world pies. Her secret ambition is to win a $25,000 baking contest so she can leaving her domineering husband, open her own pie shop and transform her life. However, Jenna fears that her dreams are all but dead when she discovers that she is pregnant. As Jenna begins penning a series of letters to her unborn baby, her life starts to change for the better in ways she never could have imagined, and a chance meeting with a handsome newcomer to town just might supply the right ingredients to help Jenna find true happiness.

“Waitress” is an upbeat romantic comedy. It finds the absurdity, hilariousness, and pain in the mundane things in life. It is a story that writer, director, actor Adrienne Shelly constructed to perfection, that will touch the hearts of all viewers.

For it being a romantic comedy and the subject matter, that it addresses it is truly upbeat. It throws subjects on it head. Things that you should not do you root for completely. Hoping that the wrong doing change these peoples situations.

This film keeps you on an emotional roller coaster. One minute your feel bad for a character and the very next minute your laugh for the character. Even with the emotional vicissitudes, “Waitress” still stays on an upbeat trajectory.

Adrienne Shelley wrote, directed, and acted in this film. With the many hats she wore she created her master piece that celebrates life. That you may find that even lifes most difficult situations can lead to some fo the most profound and life changing situations.

“Waitress” DVD is full of special features. There is an audio commentary with producer Michael Roiff and Keri Russell. It has a making of featurette, featurette spotlighting Keri Russell. It has FOX Channel featurette on Keri, Cheryl and Nathan and a PSA by Keri on Adrienne Shelly Foundation. The movie previews for this film are “The Namesake”, “Once”, and “Blind Date”.

I give it 4/5.


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