“A Mighty Heart”

amightyheart.jpgAngela Jolie
Dan Futterman
Irrfan Khan
Archie Panjabi
Will Patton
Denis O’Hare
Gary Wilmes

R           108min           2007

Based on an event that shocked the world, A Mighty Heart tells the story of Mariane Pearl, a devoted wife, journalist and expectant mother, who must race against the clock in a desperate attempt to locate her missing husband, Daniel, a Wall Street journal reporter who has been kidnapped by terrorists in Karachi, Pakistan.

Based on the novel of the same name by Mariane Pearl, A Mighty Heart shows the amazing range the Angelina Jolie. Seeing interview of Mariane Pearl, Jolie truly captures the spirit of her.

“A Mighty Heart” is a strong drama that will move many emotions in your soul once the gravity of the reality hits you. This movie makes a statement that is strong and powerful. Even with the horrendous acts of the terrorist, she preaches forgiveness for them. She is amazing person with character far beyod the average.

“A Mighty Heart” is the most emotional draining and heart retching film for me. Having seen the actual video, it made me feel reprehesible in that I was complicit with the terrrorist for watching this video. It made me feel condemned for giving the terrorist the power to create the reaction of their terror.

I give 5/5 Gs.


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