“Good Advice”

goodadvice.jpgCharlie Sheen
Angie Harmon
Denise Richards
Jon Lovitz
Rosanna Arquette
Estelle Harris
Barry Newman
Lisa Rinna

R           93min           2001

Ryan is a womanizing stockbroker whose unethical business practices cost him his job and his trader’s license. Unable to find another job, he is forced to move in with his equally self-involved (and completely oblivious) girlfriend, Cindy, an insensitive advice columnist on the cusp of losing her own job due to her poor advice and slow work habits. Finding that the truth behind his moving in has nothing to do with romance, Cindy runs off with another man. Ryan decides to stay in the apartment and earn a living by doing Cindy’s job. Ryan establishes himself with Cindy’s editor, Page, as Cindy’s gofer, collecting Cindy’s paychecks and mail and delivering “her” columns. Initially as hopelessly inept as Cindy in giving advice, he nearly gets the column canceled. However, he rapidly grows into the job and the combination of forced introspection, research and the growing knowledge that he is touching other people’s lives transforms him. The column becomes an amazing success. Ryan finds his initially superficial attraction to Page growing into love, but he cannot reveal his feelings while he is a deceptive fraud. Meanwhile, Cindy becomes aware of “her” growing fame, and returns to cash in, at the same time that the owner of a rival newspaper chain attempts to force Page to sell “Cindy’s” column to him. – from imdb

“Good Advice” introduced Charlie Sheen to Denise Richards. It is one of my guilty pleasures. Angie Harmon is a stark contrast to Denise Richards. Charlie Sheen goes from a watered down version of his ‘Wall Street’ character to a man with a conscious.

The story works because all the main actors are comfortable with the characters play. Harmon plays the hard nose woman with a heart of gold. Sheen plays the playboy looking to reform. Richards play the materialized bitch.

It is a simple little romantic comedy. It is one of those stories that got lost in all of the romantic comedies. Because the actors are comfortable with their characters, it works and is believable. It is romantic where it needs to be and funny where it needs to be. Estelle Harris holds the majority of the funny in “Good Advice”.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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