scream.jpgDavid Arquette
Neve Campbell
Courtney Cox
Matthew Lillard
Rose McGowan
Skeet Ulrich
Jamie Kennedy
W. Earl Brown
Joesph Whipp
Liev Schreiber

R           111min           1996

A teenage girl (Neve Campbell) becomes the target of a killer who has stalked and killed one of her classmates. A tabloid news reporter (Courtney Cox) is determined to uncover the truth, insisting that the man who raped and killed Campbell’s mother one year earlier is the same man who is terrorizing her now. Campbell’s boyfriend (Skeet Ulrich) becomes the prime suspect.

“Scream” redefined the horror genre. It showed that horror could be intelligent and plausible to watch. It put David Arquette, Neve Campbell on the map and Courtney Cox a superstar. It also made Kevin Williamson a household name.

“Scream” took everything that the genre had made clique and redefined it. It starts a new wave of horror spawning multiple copycats, so just as successful and others that should have left it to the orginial. It also lead to many spoofs. “Scream is that film that change the horror industry for the better.

“Scream” made major stars out of David Arquette, Neve Campbell, and Courtney Cox. Their stars rose in the late 90’s and burned for a few years into 2000s. It also leads to the marriage of David and Courtney. It also made Kevin Williamson a household name leading him to create ‘Dawson’s Creek’.

I give it 5/5 Gs.


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