“We Are Marshall”

wearemarshall.jpgMatthew McConaughey
Matthew Fox
Ian McShane
Kate Mara
Anthony Mackie
January Jones
Kimberely Williams-Paisley
Brian Geraghty
David Stritharn
L. Warrren Young
Arlen Escarpeta

PG           131min           2006

A true story about a small town’s effort to rebuild after a tragic plane crash killed nearly the entire football team and coaching staff of Marshall University. Jack Lengyel took the job no one wanted: to rebuild Marshall’s football team and restore hope and strength in a grieving community.

“We Are Marshall” is most dramatic and inspiring football movie. It made me run the gambit of emotions. Learning the history behind Marshall University made me appreciate the team and all that it has accomplished.

Most times a football movie gets either the drama right, or the football right but “We Are Marshall” found a way to accomplish both and be respectful to the memory of this tragedy. It’s on that will live in your memory months after you have watched it. It shows the resilient side of the human spirit. The even facing insurmountable odd the human spirit can still rise. After watching this film you will never see Marshall, planes, and the tragedy of death that same way again.

I give it 5/5 GS.


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