“The Last Time”

lasttimethe.jpgMichael Keaton
Brendan Fraser
Amber Valletta
Daniel Stern
Neal McDonough
Michael Lerner
Michael G. Hagerty
Alexis Cruz
William Ragsdale

R           97min           2006

Ted is a successful New York salesman who rediscovers a lust for life after falling for the fiancée of his new sales partner, Jamie, a transfer from the Midwest. Ted’s guilt over the affair prompts him to feed Jamie his sales in an effort to keep him afloat in the company.

“The Last Time” starts out one thing and turns into another. This is a story that has been done several times before. It’s how quickly this film changes on you that makes it interesting. The cast of Keaton and Fraser is interesting in how very different you conceive each character to be.

Keaton’s character is an everyday man version of his Bruce Wayne. Brendan Fraser is a bumbling salesman from the Midwest. Amber Valletta plays his supporting wife that has an affair with Keaton. Daniel Stern plays Keaton’s office manager struggling to keep his office afloat.

“The Last Time”is a standard thriller until the ending. The ending makes this film is worth a look because it is surprising and I was not expecting it. Once you see the ending the whole film takes on another connotation. Everything you think you know you is the old bait and switch.

When watch keep in mind that it has a slow start up to, common to most magic tricks. Once setup the film finishes at a full out sprint. It finishes at a pace that left me a little unsatisfied.

I give it 2/5 Gs.


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