“Rise: Blood Hunter”

risebloodhunter.jpgLucy Liu
Michael Chiklis
James D’Arcy
Carla Gugino
Cameron Richardson
Allan Rich
Kevin Wheatley

Unrated           122min           2007

Female reporter Sadie Blake (Lucy Liu) wakes up in a morgue to find herself a member of the undead, the victim of a brutal vampire ritual. Trying desperately to fight off her thirst, Sadie prowls the dark city streets, armed with a crossbow and hell-bent on staying the twisted vampires that made her this way. – from the back cover

As a film “Rise: Blood Hunter” is a standard action film that threw my expectations out of the door. It’s abandons the normal vampire lore. It’s a film with a film big-named stars and notable cameos. Lucy Liu takes some daring steps in this film.

This is a film that threw out my expectations and the vampire lore. I thought this was going to be a stylized action film with the vampire world as a backdrop. It turns out to be a character driven film with action sequences. Some of the vampire lore is present and others aren’t and I think that is because of budget reason. Which at some points takes you out of the film.

Lucy Liu is an unwilling turned vampire out to kill the ones who turned her. She is aided by Michael Chiklis as a rogue cop out hunting the ones who killed his daughters. Carla Gugino takes another part that is a waste of her time but caters to her talent. “Rise: Blood Hunter” has a cameo of a former boy band member that if you blink you will miss him because the next time you see him he’s unrecognizably dead.

I think Lucy Liu takes a daring depart from her normal comfort zone in this film. A film that is more erotic than gory than I would have thought. She looks amazing to be close to forty at the time of filming this film. It would have been a better film if it had more money for more special effects.

There are a few featurettes that are thrown together for the sake of putting something on the disc. The behind the scenes featurettes focus on: Blood, Sex & Murder, Location, and Stunts. It has a feature comparing the storyboards to the filmed scenes and a theatrical trailer. There are loads of movie trailers: “Resident Evil: Extinction”, “Boogeyman 2”, “Hostel: Part 2”, “Resident Evil and Resident Evil: Apocalypse Deluxe Edition”, “Pumpkinhead & Blood Feud”, “Closure”, “Urban Justice”, “Kaw”, “Ghost Rider”, “The Company”, “First Snow”, and “Fearnet.com”

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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