“Gray Matters”

graymatters.jpgHeather Graham
Thomas Cavanagh
Bridget Moynahan
Molly Shannon
Alan Cumming
Sissy Spacek
Rachel Shelley

PG13           96min           2007

Thirty-something New Yorker, Gray (Graham) shares just about everything with her wisecracking brother, Sam (Cavanagh): old movies, swing, dancing and – much to her surprise – an attraction to his gorgeous new girlfriend, Charlie (Moynahan). Never having realized she might be gay, Gray’s confusion turns to desperation as she follows the “expert” advice of clueless friends, shrinks and strangers. –from the back cover

“Gray Matters” is a romantic comedy that is the poster child for lesbian liberation. I’m not a twin but I know a set of twins; I found the Gray and Sam’s relationship was a little creepy.

This film shows one instant of a lesbian woman coming out to a loving and understanding family. In fact they realized it long before she did which I find completely funny. If they had a clue may they should have clued her in.

The filmmakers downplayed the enormity of her coming out for the light and comical. When Gray realizes that she may be gay she adjust really well, stumblingly a little bit but finding her strive quite quickly, I little how the ending metaphoric of Gray’s journey and everything was right in her world.

Sam and Gray’s relationship in the beginning is a little dysfunctional. It’s even played up in the comedy. If they weren’t twins they would have been perfect for each other. They had truly formed a symbiosis with each other, broken when Charlie comes into the picture.

Sissy Spacek was under used as a therapist that needs a little therapy herself. She is a scary therapist that looks to be a little too unconventional to be effective. Molly Shannon at point stole the comedic spotlight as a woman obsessed with the drama of soap operas.

I Think “Gray Matters” can be like by anyone. The cast is talented and does a good job with the material. The find the humor and are still respectful to the situation of Gray. More than anything its just a funny romantic comedy with a new twist on a love triangle.

On the “Gray Matters” DVD there is only a promotional trailer being displayed as a behind the scene featurette and a theatrical trailer. It does however have movie previews for “The Illusionist”, “Winter Passing”, “Find Me Guilty”, and “Haven”.

I give 3/5 Gs.


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