unhitched.jpgStuart Townsend
Amy Smart
Seth Green
Kate Ashford
Jodhi May
Steve John Shepard
David Oyelowd
Anna Chancellor
Philip Jackson

R           96min           2005

When a man learns his worst enemy is about to marry the woman his best friend loves, he vows to break up the wedding any way he can in this outrageous romantic comedy.

“Unhitched” is an romantic comedy with a funny premise. Seth Green takes a mundane part and turns it into the most memorable part of this movie. Stuart Townsend is miss cast as this leading man. This is a film greater than the sum of its parts.

When I think of think about a best friend is trying to breakup a wedding just so that his best friend can come in and get the bride. For me it a funny thought and what’s at the heart of this film. This is a film more of a buddy film than a romantic comedy. The friendship between Seth Green and Stuart Townsend is what makes this film work.

Seth Green takes a mundane part and makes it his own. With his bad British accent, he makes devious look fun. At first you think everything Green does comes from a superficial place and by the end you realize that he’s just a good friend. HE would done everything anyway to help make his friend happy.

Think Stuart Townsend was miss cast as the lead. Every time I see him I think of him as Lestat from “Queen of the Damned”. Even when he’s supposed to have lost his confidence; it never works on screen. It’s worst when he’s supposed to be clumsy and uncomfortable around women.

“Unhitched” works better when you look at it as a whole. Breaking down the individual performance makes this film worst than it really is. Their like a chorus that with each individual singer they sound a little off key but once you put all of them together they make a harmonious song, with friendship at the heart of the film.

There are no bonus features but there are previews for movies: “Crank”, “Employee of the Month”, “The US vs John Lennon” and “Farce of the Penguin”.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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