“Fifty Pills”

fiftypills.jpgLou Taylor Pucci
Kristen Bell
John Hensley
Nora Zehetner
Michael Pena
Jane Lynch
Monica Keena
Eddie Kaye Thomas

Unrated           83min           2006

Darren Giles (Lou Taylor Pucci, “Southland Tales”) has lost his college scholarship and doesn’t have the cash to stay in college another semester. Unless he can survive a teenage dominatrix and New York’s biggest drug mogul, convince his parents he’s not gay, write a passing paper on Dante’s Inferno, escape three thugs chasing the wrong guy, and sell fifty pills of Ecstasy in time to make his tuition payment, he’ll never get the chance to date the girl of his dreams (Kristen Bell, TV’s Veronica Mars). – from the back cover

“Fifty Pills” is a quirky low budget indie film. I was drawn to it because of the actors in the film but was pleased by the story being told. Taking place over one day our protagonist meets some of the strangest characters during the day. It’s may not a story you would tell your children or grandchildren but one you would tell your friends you meet after college.

This is a film that you truly just want to find out what trouble Darren will get into over these fifty pills. Every character in this film had some kind out growth. What’s left after this film would make an interesting serial of some kind. He’s left at the turning point and could go several ways.

If you’re a fan of any one of the actors in “Fifty Pills” then you will like this film. If you’re a fan of off the beat path comedic indie film this will appeal to you. Although it concludes the story of fifty pills there is so much that could be explored with this eclectic characters.

This DVD is low on features. It has deleted and extended scenes. There is a behind the scenes featurette. There is a auto commentary by the film makers. There are movie previews fro “Beer League”, “Soup of the Day”, “Glow Ropes”, and “The Big White”.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


One Response to “Fifty Pills”

  1. Fifty Pills is not the best movie to see with your friends. However if you see it when you’re on some ecstasy pills it might be fun 🙂

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