“Next (2007)”

next.jpg Nicolas Cage
Julianne Moore
Jessica Biel
Thomas Kretschmann
Tory Kittles
Peter Falk
Jose Zuniga
Jim Heaver
Enzo Cilenti
Jason Butler Harner

PG13           96min           2007

Cris Johnson ( Cage) earns his living in a seedy Las Vegas magic act, but his ability to see a few minutes into the future is authentic. Government agent Callie Ferris (Moore) know this, and relentlessly recruits him to help thwart a terrorist group from detonating a nuclear bomb in the heart of Los Angeles. – from the back cover

Based on the short story “The Golden Man” by Philip K. Dick, ”Next (2007)” uses special effects efficiently to tell the tale of a this science fiction paranormal drama. It’s a tale that worked as a film but as been done so many times before. Nicolas Cage does his normal waverly coherent acting.

The special effects are prominent but they enhance the film. There is nothing spectacular about them but they do get the job done. They are the standard effects that are tailored to this film. They make this film entertaining in a plot that has been done similar so many times before.

”Next (2007)” is a standard science fiction paranormal drama. It’s an expanded tale from a story but over the decades many time travel films have come before. It’s an interesting talk on the genre but it does not to enhance or redefine the time travel wheel.

Nicolas Cage is a geek at heart but is miss cast in this part. I don’t know if its Jessica Biel as his love interest or what but I felt Cris Johnson would have been a younger manThe character seems to be facing the problems of someone younger. Biel’s character was just too trusting and placed too be the damsel in distress. Julianne Moore as the FBI Agent hunting him was more of a comparative love interest. I think that if the roles between Moore and Biel had been reversed the film would have been more interesting.

Overall there are a few things wrong with ”Next (2007)” but it works. It’s science fiction and a suspension of belief goes with the territory as longs as the tale is coherent. The actors are a little miss cast but they make it work. The special effects enhance the film and make it is entertaining.

This DVD’s special features are just half assed promotional featurettes. It has four featurettes talking about four aspects of the film but saying the same thing. There are no other bonuses. It has movie previews for “Transformers”, “A Mighty Heart”, and “Blades of Glory”.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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