“Cherry Crush”

Nikki Reed
Jonathan Tucker
Julie Gonzalo
Michael O’Keefe
Haviland Morris
Dennis Boutsikaris
Frank Whaley

R           99min           2007

Privileged teenager Jordan Wells finds himself expelled from prep school after taking provocative photos of his female classmates. Now enrolled in the local high school, he becomes helplessly blinded by the beauty of Shay Bettencourt, a stunning temptress from the other side of the tracks. She is everything he wanted, everything he needed, and nothing he expected. As the relationship heats up, Jordan finds himself wrapped up in the web of her fatal beauty… and an accessory to murder – twice. “Cherry Crush” stars Jonathan Tucker (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “Hostage”) and Nikki Reed (“Thirteen”, TV’s “The O.C.”) – from the back cover

Another film that shows that film noir has morphed and found new life with a teen genre. The modern film noir works well with teens in the lead. Setting them in the teen world show the dark, complicated, and twisted world than teens face.

I found that “Cherry Crush” comes across as a little vague in nature. I don’t know if it was meant to set up a sequel but it certainly does. I would like to see how this second act would play out. I think the crossing and double cross possibilities could make an interesting sequel.

Jonathan Tucker holds the lead and he comes across as the victim caught in the web of a black widow. Nikki Reed plays a femme fatale to perfection I never really got her angle. When I final realized it I would have already stepped into the shit but would have never keep going as far as Jordan did. In the end, Jordan Wells ended up in a nightmare of his own design because he could detach from her web.

I think if you love film noir you will like “Cherry Crush”. It’s interesting and tells a good tale. Leaving the view wanting more but still satisfied with the tale told to them. Another good film noir is “Brick”, film that I saw a in 2006.

’s DVD is essentially bare to the bone. It contains on featurette of the behind the scenes making of “Cherry Crush”. The only other special features is movie previews for “The Contract”, “Earthstorm” and “Kovak Box”.

I give it 4/5 Gs.


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