“I Think I Love My Wife”

Chris Rock
Kerry Washington
Gina Torres
Steve Buscemi
Edward Herrmann
Cassandra F. Freeman
Welker White
Wendell Pierce
Christina Vidal
Eliza Coupe

R           94min           2007

Fearless funny man Chris Rock directed, co-wrote and stars in this laugh-out loud comedy, about the pleasures and perils of wedded bliss. No-nonsense banker Richard Cooper (Rock) has it all: a great career, and adoring wife (Gina Torres), and two beautiful kids. There’s just one problem – he’s bored out of his mind!

Richard’s occasional thoughts about other women seem harmless enough, until free-spirited Nikki (Kerry Washington), a stunningly sexy friend from the past, appears at his office door, prompting a fox-and –mouse game that puts a smile on Richard’s face… and his marriage to the test. – from the back cover

“I Think I Love My Wife” is based on the motion picture “Chloe in the Morning”. Rock proves that “Head of State” funniest was not a fluke. It’s a hilarious comedy that has an ending against type.

Rock found was to make normal situations that Cooper would face funny. Sometimes the comedian came out in his performance, which is distinct when he shows his colors and almost works for the character. One of the many things Rock uses in making “I Think I Love My Wife” funny is punctuating scene through the music. The soundtrack is a blend of many different genres.

Once I started laugh I could not stop. I could say how much was improvised and how much was just plain scripted. Cooper finds himself in situations of his own destiny that are comedy at it’s best. He knows that it’s dangerous and can lead to no good but Nikki is a force that is magnetic drawing him in.

“I Think I Love My Wife” is a comedy that is true in its portrayal but finding the humor in the situations. Finding an excellent cast to the film and pull some funny performances from them. Chris Rock shows that he can make funny films.

This is a double-sided DVD featuring a version on either side, one on in a fullscreen and one in a widescreen. It has a audio commentary by Chris Rock. On side A is the alternative and deleted scenes, bloopers and Fox Movie Channel: Casting Session. One side B is a featurette ‘I Do Love Making This Movie’ and a Music video by ‘The Brand New Heavies’ called “I Don’t Know Why (I Love You). Also on side B are movie previews for “Roll Bounce”, “Brown Sugar”, “I, Robot”, and “Man on Fire”.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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