tracks.jpgChris Gunn
Ice T
John Heard

R           86min           2004

The true story of a suburban teenager whose one mistake leads to a life changing punishment. Peter Madigan, a 15 year old from the suburbs commits a senseless act of violence, causing a commuter train to derail killing the engineer.

In a controversial decision, Peter becomes the first juvenile in New Jersey state history to be sentenced to serve time in a maximum-security adult prison. While in prison he becomes interdependent and friends with correction officer Clark (Ice T). “Tracks” is the ultimate story of survival and redemption.

Although it tells his true story it was a little on the dull side. The characters were never truly flushed out. It does give their motivations but they characters seem wooden and hollow. Even after going to jail he seem to never learn his lesson until the very end. He reformed and found redemption but failed to help his love ones on the outside.

I don’t know how much of “Tracks” was dramatized and how much is authentic. The ending of this film was unsatisfying. It left you to figure out what happen to him and everyone around him. It left many questions unanswered and felt like it was a film rushed into production.

This is a bare DVD with no special features. It has movie previews for “The Contract”, “The Black Widow”, “Cherry Crush”, “The Far Side of Jericho”, “Kovak Box”, “A Guide to Recognizing Your Saint”, “The Breed”, and “The Dead Girl”.

I give it 2/5 Gs.


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