“Larry the Cable Guy: Morning Constitutions”

morningconstitutions.jpgLarry the Cable Guy

Unrated           66min           2005

He has sold millions of comedy albums and DVDs, and is a two-time Grammy nominee. He was part of the hugely successful Blue Collar Comedy Tour, which generated three hit movies, multi-platinum-selling soundtracks, DVDs, and a television show, Larry is a New York Times bestselling author and a movie star (“Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector”, “Cars”, and “Delta Farce”). “Larry the Cable Guy: Morning Constitutions” was recorded live at the Orpheum Theater in Minneapolis and features all-new material. – from back cover

This is “blue collar” comedy at its best. Larry the Cable Guy brings the humor with a common mans touch. It’s so quick and witty that sometimes it will fly past you. He takes about situations that everyday people face all the time.

“Larry the Cable Guy: Morning Constitutions” is a comedy routine that shouldn’t be missed. If you are a fan of the “Blue Collar” Boys then you will be a fan of this DVD. He’s at the top of his game hitting a wide range of subjects. It’s definitely one of the best from those “Blue Collar” Boys.

The DVD is an hour of stand up routine performed by Larry the Cable Guy. It has little in the way of extra features; only a behind the scenes of stuff leading up to the recording of this performance. It has a preview for “Delta Farce”.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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