“My Super Ex-Girlfriend”

mysuperexgirlfriend.jpgUma Thurman
Luke Wilson
Anna Faris
Eddie Izzard
Rainn Wilson
Wanda Sykes
Mark Conseulos

PG13           96min           2006

Matt Saunders (Wilson) thinks he has found the perfect girlfriend in Jenny Johnson (Thurman), who just happens to be smart, sexy … and a superhero. But when Jenny turns out to be a needy, neurotic mess, Matt wants to call it quits. Jenny is crushed by the news and will stop at nothing to exact sweet revenge. “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” is an outrageous super-comedy that proves breaking up can be hard to do – and downright dangerous! – from the back cover

It’s the break-up from hell. It’s a film that tries to blend between the romantic comedy and teen sex comedy for adults. What comes out is a film that you know has been done before, it’s easily digestible but in the end it nothing special but its effects.

“My Super Ex-Girlfriend” is plotable even before you sit down to watch it. You know boy gets the girl; the boy breaks up with girl; girl terrorizes boy; someone comes along to help boy face girl. They both find happiness and all is well. What makes this film work is the situations that arise from this formula. There are some truly hilarious moments in this film.

Uma Thurman tries her hand at a comedy and his surround by talented comic actors. At moments, her performance feels awkward and she didn’t trust the in what was happening around her. Luke Wilson turns in another great comedic performance and you feel the angst in his life produced by G-Girl. Rainn Wilson and Anna Faris brought humor to every aspect of their performances. They both have great comedic delivery.

There are some cool cameos by Mark Conseulos or Mr. Kelly Ripa, and Wanda Sykes who is severely under used in this film. I think “My Super Ex-Girlfriend” would have been funnier with more appearances in this film. If you don’t watch closing credit do watch this one, they sort of continue the story.

For a double-sided disc it truly bare of special features. It doesn’t have many deleted scenes. It does have an extended Shark sequence. It has a music video for “No Sleep 2 Nite” by Molly McQueen formerly of No Faders. It has a FOX promo for “The Sentinel”, “Thank For Smoking”, and “John Tucker Must Die”.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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