constellation.jpgDaniel Bess
Ever Carradine
Rae Down Chong
Melissa De Sousa
Hill Harper
Alec Newman
Zoe Saldana
Lesley Ann Warren
Billy Dee Williams
Gabrielle Union
Shin Koyamada
Glenn Plummer
Clarence Williams III

PG13           96min           2005

“Constellation” is about the Boxer family returning to the Deep South to a town that once held back their opportunities but now glistens as a modern, sexy city, and its extended members discover in the memory of a loved one what binds them together. — from wikipedia

This film has a cast of recognizable actors. It’s telling of a love that for so many years has been taboo but is now a common place. Is a film that I expected to be one thing and it turned out to be anther. It is a good film but won’t be appreciated by everyone.

For the most part the insight of this film comes from a character that is dead and the reason that her family comes back to Georgia by played by Gabrielle Union. It features Billy Dee Williams who is most notable as Lando Carrissian, Lesley Ann Warren, as his ex-wife and Rae Down Chong as his former mistress.

It deals with an unrequited love between an inter-racial couple that has consequences that reverberate through their two families even into the present. The explanations are doled out sparingly and many of the questions I had never where answered. At certain points it does get convoluted and makes it frustrating to watch. It took a couple of views to understand what the filmmakers where trying to do.

I expected this to be a love story and it some ways it was but for the most part it’s a character film about forgiveness and more on through the pain of the past. Every character in this film has to either find forgiveness or is asking for forgiveness. A few of the character are seeking both. IN the end I think the ending isn’t satisfy but it does close the character arcs.

Not everyone will appreciate this film. At time its uneven and the psychology of the characters can be lost at time. For the most part the film revolves around Zoe Saldana’s character trying to give forgiveness, while dealing with the grief of the seemingly only person she cares about.

There are no special features to speak of. It does however have movie previews for “Woman Thou Art Loosed” and “Gas”.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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