“The Contractor”

contractor.jpgWesley Snipes
Lena Headley
Ralph Brown
Charles Dance
John Standing
Gemma Jones
Richard Harrington
Iain Robertson
Ryan McCluskey
Eliza Bennet

R           98min           2007

“The Contractor” is about an ex-CIA agent (Snipes) is asked to take out a terrorist, when the job is botched. He is left rogue and being set up by his former employer.

This is a standard film that went straight to DVD, which is being a big business itself. It’s an ok film but there is nothing original about. It takes its plot from several other more successful films. I think if you’re a fan of Wesley Snipes you will like this film.

“The Contractor’s”plot is an amalgamation of several action film. A lot of the plot is like a watered down version of ‘Bourne Identity’ with a splash of any catch and mouse thriller drama.

It’s the Wesley Snipes that you have seen in any of his earlier nineties films. It’s the character that he is good at playing; kicking butt and taking names later. It was interesting to see Lena Headley in this film. It’s not the typical role I have seen her play.

“The Contractor” is a bare DVD. It only has a featurette, a behind the scenes of ‘The Contractor’. But it does have many movie previews for: ‘The Last Time’, ‘Bobby Z’, ‘Motives 2: Retribution’, ‘Seraphim Falls’, ‘Until Death’, ‘Hard Luck’, and ‘The Detonator’.

Overall ‘The Contractor’ is a standard action thriller film. The plot is unoriginal and a amalgamation of other better action films. Lena Headley plays a part that is atypical. If your restless and are a fan of Snipes this is one to watch.

I give it 3/5 Gs.


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