“The Last Mimzy”

lastmimzy-the.jpgJoely Richardson
Timothy Hutton
Michael Clarke Duncan
Rainn Wilson
Kathryn Hahn
Chris O’Neil
Rhiannon Leigh Wryn

PG           92min           2007

When Noah and Emma Wilder discover a special box on the beach, they open it and unlock an exciting adventure beyond imagination. Inside they find Mimzy, a magical stuffed rabbit along with other mystical toys, which give the children exceptional powers of their own. Able to move objects with their minds and solve complex equations, these new wonder kids begin to attract the attention of their parents, teachers…and even FBI. Surrounding the phenomenon of Mimzy is an awesome secret – one that holds the key to saving the future of all mankind – from the backcover

“The Last Mimzy” is based on the short story “Mimsy were the Borgroves” by Lewis Paggett. This is an imaginative children film that is funny and interesting for the whole family. The cast is amazing.

Modern films are full of violence in one form or another; every now and again you need to taken in a family film. “The Last Mimzy” fills the bill. It mixes drama and science fiction into a film that will hold audiences. It has a complex story that will appeal to the adults and a narrative style that will appeal to children.

For the children Mimzy is told in a narrative form that on the surface is easy enough for children to follow. It touches on the basic imaginative spirit that we all have as kids. The toys are cute and conceived as toys that I think children would play with. When the children first find the toys you see the wonder, amazement, curiosity that from children.

The mystery, drama and the government complication are a little simplistic but complex enough to entertain adults. At the heart of “The Last Mimzy” is a plot point that is facing the world today. I liked how the filmmakers made a commentary on the point with out being preachy. Even with it being fiction I wonder could this story ever be true, ie the 4400.

The cast is full of amazing talent. Chris O’Neil and Rhiannon Leigh Wryn are interesting new comers. They are the imagination and heart of this film. I like Timothy Hutton as the laid back parent willing to allow his children the chance to fulfill their potential. Joely Richardson strattles the line perfectly as an overly concern parent. Rainn Wilsonand Kathryn Hahn are more of the comic relief couple of the film. Michael Clarke Duncan plays a government agent that doesn’t feel governmental in that implies threatening air that they carry.

This is an infinfilm DVD. The beyond the movie features are six featurettes that take you into the science behind The Last Mimzy. The All Access Pass six behind the scene featurette. There are 11 deleted scenes and a music video by Roger Waters’ “Hello (I Love You)”. It has movie previews for “Hairspray”, “TMNT”, “Hoot”, “How to Eat Fried Worms”, and “Superman: Doomsday.”

I give it 4/5 Gs.


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