“The Bourne Identity”

bourneidentity.jpgMatt Damon
Franka Potente
Chris Cooper
Clive Owen
Brian Cox
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbase
Gabriel Mann
Julia Stiles
Walton Goggins
Josh Hamilton

PG13           109min           2002

Pulled from the sea with two bullets in his back, Jason Bourne (Damon) discovers he has the skills of a very dangerous man and no memory of his violent past. Racing to unlock the secret of his own identity, he discovers the deadly truth: he’s an elite government agent. But to the government, Jason Bourne isn’t just their property; he’s a malfunctioning thirty million dollar weapon. Lethally trained, built to disappear, he’s an agent on the run that has to be taken out. Now, the government’s top operative has become its number one target (Bill Zwecker, FOX-TV) – from the back cover

When people first said Matt Damon was starring in “The Bourne Identity” I had my doubts that he could pull it off. Up until this point Matt Damon had made films that were serious dramas. His claim to fame was his Oscar for “Good Will Hunting” and he is a talented actor. Being a fan of the book series I knew Damon could act but I was suspect of his action skill.

It was filmed shortly before the death of Robert Ludlum, the author of the book, which the movie is based on, he also served as an executive producer. When you see the film and you realize that Matt Damon is Bourne. Not an exact port from the book; it does keeps the heart and spirit of the novel and rackets it to another level. Once it starts it doesn’t stop.

“The Bourne Identity” is the spy thriller that is intelligent, gritty and feels real. Bourne is the quintessential spy assassin that Bond wants to be. You’re put in the quest with Bourne. Damon trained to become Bourne this helped the film become successful. He made you believe he had amnesia and was a lethally trained assassin.

Even with Damon’s top notch acting he his surround by great actors too. Franka Potente as the re-imagine Marie complements Damon’s Bourne. When see goes into shock after the Rome agent’s death. You realize just how good she can be. Then there is Chris Cooper as an re-imaged Alex Conklin who is more villainous in the film than in the book place, Conklin is a man that sees the sh*t piling high and he’s trying to dig his way out.

“The Bourne Identity” is the start of one of the best movie franchises. Matt Damon is Bourne. I have a hard time even considering someone else in the part. The action is visceral and in your face, a trademark of the Bourne franchise. I truly believe that Damon has brought to life a character that is believable and fans can relate to. This awesome action film is followed by “The Bourne Supremacy”.

The DVD contains Alternative and Deleted scenes. It has a commentary by director, Doug Liman. Moby’s video “Extreme Ways” is also featured. It is rounded out by production notes, highlights on the cast and filmmakers and the movie preview of “Johnny English”.

I give it 5/5 Gs.


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